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Heh, how’s that? Veldora-sama became a weapon too! I tried copying that. Boss’ tendency to copy stuff rubbed off on me eh!



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Zonda has quite an independent mind. He will go do things that he wishes to do. (such as watch Rimuru's battle rather than helping Moss.) Veyron considers Zonda to be a slacker, that avoids doing work when possible.

He is reliable when it really matters. When Veyron was in trouble he immediately went to help.

He is very intelligent and creative. He was able to successfully copy Veldora's sword transformation and create his own powerful technique to help Veyron in his battle against Graneet.


He is one of Ultima's subordinates and her Personal Man-Servant.

He gets along very well with Veyron (Ultima's Butler) and is able to speak casually with him.



Unique Skills

  • Change Weapon (It allows him to Change His Body into any Kind Melee Weapon).
    • The melee weapon can release a tremendous wave of destruction.


Clash of Dragons and Demons Arc


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