To mistake one as insignificant as the Great Demon Lord Rimuru... Your utter foolishness has set the path to be but one.
To fight and defeat me, Zegion.
Struggle with all your might, and burn away the embers of your lives!

Zegion, Chapter 158 (when Reiha confuses Zegion for Rimuru)

"Mist Lord" Zegion"幽幻王"(ミストロード) ゼギオン, "Yuugen Ou"(M i s u t o R o o d o) Zegion」is one of the ninth group of subordinates to be named by Rimuru Tempest. He was originally an injured monster that looked like a Japanese rhinoceros beetle which he thought was cool so he took him in and sheltered him inside the Labyrinth.

He was originally kept as the Guardian of the 80th Floor of the Labyrinth because Rimuru thought nobody would be able to reach the place, but when he saw how ridiculously powerful he had become, he was appointed as the Guardian Overseer of the Ten Lords of the Labyrinth, and also later received the Title of a "Lord" as one of Rimuru's Twelve Patrons.

He is also one of the three strongest subordinates of Rimuru Tempest, along with Benimaru and Diablo, as well as one of the subordinates to receive ability upgrades from Veldora Tempest as a sample, alongside Ranga.


He was an insect type that had the appearance of a Japanese rhinocerous beetle and a stag beetle. He was 50 cm long.
After Naming
He has a pitch-black exoskeleton with visible golden joints. A rainbow-colored, sword-like horn protrudes from the center and to its left and right are two antennae as pitch black as the exoskeleton. The exoskeleton took the form of Rimuru's preference (the Japanese rhino beetles).
True Demon Lord


He is extremely loyal to Rimuru. This reflected when the group of soldiers accidentally mistook him for Rimuru, Zegion became enraged because this seemed like an insult to his Demon Lord.

He has a strong lust for battle, which is part of his natural instincts.

He is a calm, silent man, and never really talks much.

He worships Rimuru as a god.


When he was a weak and rare insect, he was saved by Rimuru who covered his wounds with part of his own flesh (slime).

Rimuru then placed him into the deeper floors of the Labyrinths to avoid the adventurers. However, he quickly became stronger and currently, he's the strongest monster in the Labyrinth and one of the strongest monsters in Tempest.

He has always been very talented at handling Energy and was able to immediately gain control of his new power when he evolved into a True Demon Lord.


As one of the bosses in the Labyrinth, he effortlessly defeated 3 of the Emperor's Personal Guards along with three other powerful soldiers. Afterward, he was rewarded by Rimuru, becoming a demon lord and receiving the title of "Mist Lord" (the ruler of the illusion world)

After Rimuru evolved into a Great Demon Lord, Zegions seems to be getting his skill upgrades from Veldora through Rimuru's soul corridor.


Rimuru: Being his master and savior, Zegion has put his complete faith and loyalty for only 1 objective, demonstrates what he is good for. He worships Rimuru and is eternally grateful for his saving Apito and himself.

Apito: She was saved at the same time with himself, Rimuru had healed them by using a part of his own physical flesh. Being the only ones to share the flesh of their master, Apito can be thought to be a Zegion's sister.

Kumāra: Companion of the dungeon, and one of the strongest guardians on Ramiris's dungeon.

Beretta: His superior on the labyrinth, seemly having a good relationship as demonstrated when they perfectly made a plan to protect Ramiris from Dino.

Armor and Weapons

Demon steel was assimilated into his exoskeleton and transformed into a living bio-steel called Adamantine. Its hardness surpasses that of diamonds while retaining the flexibility of living flesh. It is his natural suit of armor. When he evolved into a True Demon Lord he morphed his outer shell into God Steel through sheer willpower. It now rivaled God class armor.

During the battle against Zero, Dino gave him his God class great sword, "Crumbling Fang," which thereafter acknowledged him as its master and fused with him, turning into "Crumbling Wings." a pair of blade-like wings.

He received combat training from Veldora and has become very good at hand-to-hand combat. He has gained very high physical strength and extreme speed. He is able to punch through legendary grade armor.


Sensing: He can sense an individual's abilities from very far away and is able to observe several hundred thousand individuals simultaneously.

Spatial Manipulation: Allows him to transport himself or others around

Spatial Distortion Field: A very high-level defense that can block powerful attacks, it is on the same level of Chloe's absolute defense.

Crumbling Wings: By generating directional high-frequency waves which cut everything that they came in contact with. Moreover, by combining it with Zegion's magic power, it was possible to change its property depending on the enemy's waveform. In addition to All Heaven Sight, Zegion had acquired the means to attack in all directions, it could be said that his blind spot had disappeared.

Dimension Ray: Zegion can severe dimensions and disconnect space. The ripping apart of space will destroy anyone within its path.

  • Dimension Storm (Phantom Dimension Wave Storm): a dimensional rainbow-colored high energy storm.

Ultimate Skill

  • Illusion King Mephisto
    • Thought Acceleration
    • Space Time Control
    • Multi-Layered Dimensional Barrier
    • All of Creation
    • Mental Domination
    • Illusion World

Daily Skills

  • Universal Perception
  • Demon Lord's Haki

Battle Skills


  • Physical Attack Immunity
  • Abnormal Status Immunity
  • Mental Attack Immunity
  • Natural Elements Immunity
  • Hybrid Attack Resistance


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