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Yuuki Kagurazaka (ユウキ・カグラザカ Yūki Kagurazaka) is the twentieth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Tempest celebrates its victory against Charybdis and treaty with Yuurazania where Rimuru and Milim have a conversation about the perks of becoming a Demon Lord. Suddenly Milim remembers she has something to do and leaves abruptly, promising to let the other Demon Lords know not to interfere with Tempest. That night, Rimuru dreams about Shizu's regret and his promise to help five children, thus deciding to head to the Ingracia Kingdom with Ranga. There he meets with the Grandmaster of Freedom Association Yuuki Kagurazaka and talks about their manga, anime, games and ultimately Shizu and Rimuru's objective of arriving.


Following Charybdis's defeat, the Jura Tempest Federation are holding a festival to celebrate, mostly by chopping up and grilling the spirit's familiars, while Kaijin and Kurobee have harvested the scales it left behind and are now trying to figure out what to do with them. Milim Nava continues trying to convince Rimuru Tempest to become a Demon Lord in the bath though their conversation makes her remember that there's something she needs to do so she takes off promising to return.

That Morning Rimuru dreams of Shizue Izawa and five children which leads to Rimuru trying to figure out what he saw the next morning. Eventually, Rimuru determines that with the plethora of subordinates he's gathered together he can take some time off to figure out Shizue's final requests. Step one is to travel to the Ingracia Kingdom where Shizue worked as an instructor after she retired as an adventurer.

In the interest of keeping a low profile and keeping him safe, only Ranga will accompany the slime. For Rimuru the matter holds personal significance to him, as it is the first time since he was born in this world two years ago that he's been outside of the Jura Forest. Rimuru's first step is to have a meeting with the head of the Freedom Association that Shizue worked for, Yuuki Kagurazaka.

Thanks to papers prepared by Fuze Rimuru gets as far as Yuuki's office all the while Rimuru is stunned by Ingracia's level of technology and wealth. However, when Yuuki arrives in his office his first instinct is to attack Rimuru when Rimuru explains that his Shizue like appearance is because he ate her. However, Rimuru somewhat calms him down with the 'I'm Not a Bad Slime' line he used on Shizue, which leads Yuuki to realize Rimuru's a Reincarnated Ones.

The two quickly bonds with Rimuru telling Yuuki, a Summoned One like Shizue, how his various favorite shows ended and using a stack of paper that Yuuki provides manufactures several dozen volumes of manga's that Yuuki couldn't read the end too before being summoned. Getting down to business Yuuki wonders if Rimuru's looking for a way back to earth.

Though Yuuki himself hasn't done it yet he believes it's possible based on all of the Legends on Earth about monsters from their world. However, Rimuru states that he's there that day to answer Shizue's lingering regrets to which Yuuki claims he can help, arranging for Rimuru to take Shizue's old job as an instructor to a bunch of Summoned children.

While escorting Rimuru to his first day of class Yuuki tells Rimuru about one of Shizue's students named Hinata Sakaguchi who has apparently managed to surpass Shizue while she was in her prime. Yuuki tells Rimuru this to explain the difference between a summon and a reincarnator. Crossing the barrier between worlds requires a huge amount of energy, so much so that when the person is born or summoned they usually acquire a Unique Skill that uses up most of that energy.

However, because of the half baked methods that various different countries used to summon those kids, they did not develop unique skills and as a consequence, the magical energies inside of their bodies are slowly killing them. As far as the countries of this world are concerned, rather than training their armies to fend off monsters it's cheaper to use a summoning spell to forcibly kidnap, enslave and empower someone from another world to fight for them, doubly so when they cut corners and remove safety precautions.

The most those kids can expect to live in this world is Five Years. Rimuru already has an idea he wants to try to save those kids but first is his job as a teacher. Entering the classroom Rimuru receives a warm welcome in all the wrong ways when he receives a fire attack from Kenya Misaki. Rimuru quickly realizes that since they don't have long to live anyway Kenya and his classmates Ryouta Sekiguchi, Gale Gibson, Alice Rondo, and Chloe O’Bell have been allowed to run wild.





Adaptation Notes

  • While Geld and Gabiru are talking about their fight against Charybdis, Gobichi and Haruna are also seen cooking, imitating Nusret Gökçe, a Turkish chef who is also known worldwide as "Salt Bae."
  • During a conversation between Rimuru and Yuuki, the latter inquired about the last episode of a series he watched and mentioned one of the characters named Belldandy, therefore referencing the series "Oh, My Goddess!."
  • There were also other references of other works, such as Sakurada Reset and the Final Fantasy game series.



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