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Yuuki Kagurazaka (神楽坂優樹(ユウキ・カグラザカ) yuuki kagurazaka) is an Otherworlder who had transmigrated into this world by accident and is the Grandmaster of the Free Guild, which is the highest authority within the organization. He is the head of the Adventurers' Guild and yet another Japanese person transferred into this world. He has some connection to Shizue and thus to Rimuru, and later becomes a major antagonist.


He's considered fairly handsome, with black hair and black eyes. He looks as young as a high schooler, despite his real age being in the late twenties.[1]


Yuuki is a kind, good-natured, and hardworking person. Always bright and optimistic, Yuuki is an ideal for many adventurers. He loves video games, anime, and manga. He is suspected to be a mastermind in manipulating others for his own goals. Yuuki was a genius from his kid years and excels in scheming and manipulations. From his earliest days, he was bored to death with an ordinary life, and anything he does is entirely for his own amusement. Early on, he went to great lengths to concoct a kind and reasonable persona doing a lot of good deeds to increase his influence. In actual fact, however, Yuuki's twisted psychopath revel in the destruction he brings.


Yuuki was transmigrated into this world 10 years prior to the main story. He quickly learned to adapt and become an adventurer in the then called The Society of Adventurers. It was there he met his teacher Shizue Izawa, and fellow otherworlder Hinata Sakaguchi.[2] Yuuki then rebuilt the Society of Adventurers into the current Free Guild. Changing its structure and monster ranking system. Thanks to his effort in creating the current Free Guild, he gained the position of Grand Master and has been working to better the world ever since.


Shizue Izawa

Yuuki thinks highly of his teacher Shizu and was initially angry at the fact that Rimuru murdered her.

Yuuki was the one who got her up to speed on the current state of affairs in Japan. Shizu's knowledge of the catchphrase "I'm not a bad slime, Slurp!" came from him.

Hinata Sakaguchi

Yuuki would sometimes meet with Hinata and to exchange intelligence with each other.[3]

Students of Class S (Kenya, Ryota, Alice, Chloe, and Gale)

Yuuki pities the otherworlder students of Class S and wishes he could help them in any way.

Rimuru Tempest

Yuuki is grateful to Rimuru for letting him read manga, saving the kids of class S, and bringing peace to the Jura Forest. Yuuki claims that he would back Rimuru if there was a conflict against the church.[3]


Unique Skills (Merged to create Lord of Greed, Mammon):

Greed: Ability to dominate anyone who's desire is less then the desire of the owner.


  • Anti-Skill: Invalidates skills, abilities or magic. This however, does not work on secondary effects, such as burn of oxygen due to fire magic. It also cannot counteract two or more properties when it comes to magic and skill fusion.

Ultimate skills:

Lord of Greed, Mammon


  • Yuuki is one of the characters who had been changed the most between the Web Novel and the Light Novel. His entire character has been reworked and his motivations are completely different, to the point that his actual "role in the story" might end up a completely different one in the Light Novel compared to the Web Novel.



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