Youm Farmenas[1] (ヨウム・ファルメナス youmu farumenasu) is a Human known as the Rising Hero-King Farmenas[1] of the Farmenas Kingdom. He used to be known as the wandering Champion Youm.[2][3] Youm is secretly a vassal of Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest.


Before meeting Rimuru, Youm gave the impression of a leader among outlaws, but he actually always had a heart of gold. After meeting Rimuru and becoming known as a Champion, this dynamic reverses and he appears to be a heroic figure while on the inside he still preferred to act more casual instead.[Citation needed]


He has a toned body, darkened by the sun. Neither tall nor short. He looked as if he never let his guard down. By no means ugly' rather, he has a pretty good face.[Citation needed]


Youm used to be a prisoner of Count Nidol Migam's Territory of the Kingdom of Falmuth until he received the order from the Count to lead a mission as the leader of the newly formed 30-man strong Frontier Expedition Force to scout the movements of the Orc Lord that has been spotted in the Great Forest of Jura. Rommel was supposed to watch over Youm's group during the mission and report back to the Count, but Youm managed to threaten Rommel into dismantling the contract magic binding Youm and most of his group and by using his charisma even managed to make Rommel join Youm's endeavors wholeheartedly.[2]


Demon Lord Attack Arc

During their mission to scout the Orc Lord, within the Great Forest of Jura, Youm encountered the group of Fuze and Kaval's Party running from an A-Minus Rank Knight Spider. Youm decided to help them out with his group but even the combined forces were unable to defeat the Knight Spider, until help from Gobta and his troops arrived, who managed to strike down the Knight Spider. Both groups were then taken to Tempest's Capital Rimuru.[2]

Youm was then offered a job proposal by Rimuru to take the credit for the already vanquished Orc Lord and while this talk veered towards Youm being announced as a Hero, Milim warned them that the title of Hero has a lot of weight behind it and should only be used if you are confident enough to fight against Demon Lords yourself, so the plan was for Youm to be declared a Champion instead. However, Youm was still quite reluctant so he toured Rimuru City first, which convinced him that Rimuru was a far better lord than someone like Count Nidol Migam, so as a result Youm pledged his allegiance to Rimuru and agreed to his plan. Youm was then sent off to be trained by Hakurou and equipped by Kurobe, Kaijin, and the three Dwarf Brothers, to later start his activities as a Champion in nearby human settlements to promote Tempest to the outside world.[2][4][5][6]

Human-Monster Interaction Arc

After being active as "Champion Youm" for a while, Youm returned to Tempest, where Rimuru invited him to participate in the reception of Beast Kingdom Eurazania's envoys. During the reception, Youm ended up having a fight against Grucius with whom Youm later developed a friendship and rivalry.[3]

Demon Lord Awakening Arc

During his activities as a Champion, Youm was approached by Mjurran one day, who tried to infiltrate his group in order to safely infiltrate Tempest. So to prove herself, Mjurran challenged several members of Youm's group, including Youm himself to a duel, and won. As a result, Mjurran was accepted into Youm's group and they continued their usual rounds as a group of Champions until they eventually returned to Tempest.[7]

Back in Tempest Mjurran dueled Grucius which resulted in Grucius' loss as well. Due to Mjurran's proficiency, the group of Youm, Grucius, and Gobta thought that they might have a shot at beating Hakurou, so they persuaded the reluctant Myuran into participating, however even with her included, the 4 of them were still not able to win over Hakurou.[7]

During the time spent with Youm, Mjurran started to fall in love with him, which has became known to Clayman, and right when Youm confessed his love to her, Clayman exploited her feelings by blackmailing her that he'd kill Youm if Mjurran showed any signs of disobeying Clayman. Then he ordered her to sabotage Rimuru City by casting her "Anti-Magic Area" Great Magic when the vanguard forces of the Kingdom of Falmuth appear. Before that happened, she was found out by Grucius who confronted her about being a long-living Majin pretending to be a regular human. While that happened, Youm was also close-by and eaves-dropped into their conversation, so he learned of Mjurran's true identity as well. Upon seeing Youm not being disgusted at her true appearance as a Witch, nor at her actions, she decided that she wants to keep Youm safe above all else even at the cost of her life, and thus casted her Great Magic.[7]

The effects of Mjurran's Anti-Magic Area were devastating and blocked the Monsters of Tempest from using any magic while also cutting off any means of magic-communication in the area. In addition the Kingdom of Falmuth vanguard forces in cooperation with the local Falmuth Western Saints Church branch set-up a "Prison Field" barrier around Rimuru-city, which weakened all Monsters within, making the Monsters lose their normal advantage in power and against the vanguards from Falmuth, which included three Otherworlders summoned, Tempest ended up suffering many casualties, though in the end the Tempest forces somehow managed to repel the attack, forcing the vanguard forces of Falmuth to temporarily withdraw with the announcement that they'll later attack again once the main force arrives a few days later.[7]

Due to aiding the enemy, Mjurran is being confronted by the angry Tempest citizen lead by Benimaru. Youm and Grucius wanted to protect Mjurran, so while Youm directly shielded Mjurran, Grucius tried to fight Benimaru, but Benimaru defeated him with ease, but before the situation escalated any further, Rimuru appeared and upon hearing of Mjurran's actions, sent her alongside Grucius and Youm into house arrest, their judgement to be postponed until further notice.[7]

About three days later, Rimuru alongside Benimaru appeared before them again to question Mjurran about her actions. Mjurran tells Rimuru about her backstory, about how Clayman appeared in her life at the end of her lifespan when she was still a human mage and then turned her into a Majin free of her human lifespan, in exchange of Clayman being able to destroy her heart anytime he wants, having her life firmly in his grasp and any sign of rebellion leading to her immediate death. Then she explains that Clayman seems to want to spur on the war between Tempest and Falmuth, however, she also notes that she can't think of any motive for him doing so. In response, Rimuru just confirms that he "heard enough" and tells Mjurran that she has to die. Grucius transforms into his wolf-form and tries to buy time for Youm and Mjurran to escape, but is easily and quickly subdued by Benimaru and while Youm desperately tried to persuade Rimuru to stop, Mjurran gave him a kiss, telling him that she loves him and that he should not let himself be tricked by a woman such as herself in the future, resigning herself to her death. Before being able to respond, Youm got caught by Rimuru's Sticky-Steel-Thread and tossed to the side. As Youm begged him to stop, Rimuru kept approaching Mjurran and proceeded to use his Unique Skill Gluttony in close-quarters on her, with his hand phasing through her body to crush her heart.[8]

However, Mjurran survives and it turned out Rimuru didn't plan to kill her. The heart, aside from Clayman being able to kill her by crushing it from afar, was also used as a sort of wiretapping device, so Rimuru wanted to make Clayman believe that Mjurran died, so he resorted to the performance of seemingly killing her, but instead of just crushing her Marionette Heart, he immediately constructed a Pseudo-Heart to take its place, that would let her keep living without the danger of being remotely killed or being wiretapped, effectively freeing Mjurran from Clayman's influence. Rimuru then proceeded to explain that Youm was a hostage that Clayman threatened Mjurran with. So after Clayman's plan was foiled, Mjurran told Youm that she hadn't directly responded to Youm's earlier confession yet and declares that she "wouldn't mind being bound by a short human-lifetime" and therefore becoming a couple with Youm. Grucius didn't get discouraged however and stated that he'd take his chance once Youm's short human lifespan is over resulting in Youm and Grucius bickering with each other. When Rimuru is asked by Mjurran why he saved her, he responds that for one he wanted to keep Youm motivated to take up an important job in the near future, as well as wanting to make a precedent of "resurrecting the dead" for what he was about to do.[8]

Rimuru then went on to explain that he wants Youm to be his agent to take over the Kingdom of Falmuth as its new King after the upcoming war. Youm was reluctant at first, but with both Mjurran and Grucius promising their support for him, he agreed to do it. Afterward, Youm had to temporarily evacuate the city's barriers due to the upcoming fluctuation in magicule content within and was tasked with watching over the unconscious bodies of Falmuth's King Edmaris Falmuth, Western Saints Church Bishop Reyhiem, and Falmuth Court Wizard Razen, and after everything was over, he saw the result: Rimuru became a Demon Lord and all the dead Monsters from Tempest were successfully resurrected.[7]

The Octagram Soars Brightly Arc

In the aftermath of the Tempest-Falmuth conflict, Youm participated in the Monster-and-Man Summit, which took place in Rimuru city and was attended by the sovereigns of the Jura Tempest Federation and Armed Nation of Dwargon, as well as envoys from Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion and the Kingdom of Blumund. During that summit, the details of Youm's mission to become the new King of Falmuth were decided. He was to create a new nation in its place and change from being a trade-tariff-based nation into an agricultural one that'd provide for Dwargon's and Tempest's needs. [9][10]

Saint-Monster Confrontation Arc

Youm went on his way to Falmuth together with Mjurran, Rommel, Grucius, and Diablo, as well as the three Falmuth captives, King Edmaris Falmuth, Bishop Reyhiem, and Court Wizard Razen. Diablo devised a plan of action, and according to that, Diablo went to the Falmuth royal castle with the 3 captors first, on the way healing Razen and Reyhiem from their "meatloaf state," while leaving King Edmaris just as he was after Shion's torture to put on a demonstration. Following that, Youm came along with the rest of the group to the castle, where the whole group coordinates alongside two helpers from the Falmuth nobility organized by Fuze, to all conspire to spread a false story about the disappearance of the twenty-thousand soldiers of the Falmuth army, portraying the events as if both sides were in deadly battle until Veldora's revival simple made the Falmuth soldiers, aside from the three survivors, disappear, after which it was supposedly Rimuru who pacified the Storm Dragon, followed by Youm eventually convincing Rimuru to let the Falmuth survivors go to negotiate peace between Tempest and Falmuth. Despite hearing the tale, the nobles were still treating Youm with contempt for being a commoner, but they also understood the need for negotiating peace with their army gone and the Storm Dragon possibly going after them if they don't negotiate peace at that point. Eventually Diablo healed King Edmaris while advertising the Tempest-made potions, and then as Tempest's envoy, handed over Tempest's demands regarding the compensation to Edmaris and the nobles, expecting an answer within a week and then left. Youm then proceeded to be an advisor during the conference held by Edmaris .[11]



  • Mjurran: Youm is in love with Mjurran and they end up marrying each other.[Citation needed] Mjurran even states that she wouldn't mind being tied down for the short duration of a human lifetime.[7] They later have a daughter named Mim.
  • Grucius: Youm's rival in love,[7] and later Captain of Youm's Royal Knights.[Citation needed]
  • Rimuru Tempest: Youm's boss. Youm became both the Champion Youm, as well as the Hero-King Youm Farmenas on Rimuru's orders.[2][10] Rimuru saved Mjurran from Clayman's control despite Mjurran's hostile actions against Tempest, so Youm ended up feeling a deep sense of gratitude towards Rimuru on-top of Youm already having pledged his allegiance to him.


  • All instances of "Hero King" are actually supposed to be "Champion King," as he is referred to as a Champion (英雄 eiyū) in every case and never as a Hero (勇者 yūsha). So technically it should be Champion King (英雄王 eiyū-ō), but the official translators decided to stick with the term Hero King instead, as can be seen in the case of Gazel Dwargo who bears the same title.


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