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Primary Yomigaeri Forces

Yomigaeri, those who have surpassed death.


The squad was initially composed completely of the hundred citizens killed by the Blood Shadows and later resurrected by Rimuru.
Among the 100 resurrected, the children all evolved into adolescents. This evolution was inspired by their regret at being unable to fight against the Blood Shadows.


They all obtained Perfect Memory EX and Self-Regeneration EX. Though these are merely extra skills, they work well together. That is, even if their heads get blown off, they can change into an astral body state and thus avoid death. In other words, they obtained regenerative abilities equal to that of the Orc Disaster.

Fighting Strategy

They use their own body as the decoy in order to deal a blow to the enemy. Using their immortality to fight. In addition, they were given knives coated with a powerful sleeping drug.


At first, they employed the strategy of continuous attack due to their immortality. Without much fighting skills, they relied heavily on their ability to exhaust the enemy.
They had been calmly enduring intensive training. Though they were only C+ ranked at most originally, they had the potential of becoming Tempest’s strongest squad.
These individuals continued training even while suffering mortal wounds, grew to a rank of B+ [EP: 8,000~8,500]. They are regarded as the most efficient division. They had developed splendidly since fighting the Templars, and soon reached A rank. With their development, the Yomigaeri were considered to be capable of surpassing the Hiryuu, which was the strongest group.

Rimuru's Personal Guard

Rimuru's personal guards are Shion's Yomigaeri. Rimuru did not choose them as his personal guard; the other members of the council did. According to Rimuru, looking after this group is like babysitting a bunch of uncontrollable kids.
They are also Shion's personal squad. They are not a fighting force meant to be relied on since their ability is rather unknown, though none of them will seriously die. Shion had been raising their levels in secret, so even Rimuru didn’t know how powerful they are. Since their inception, they have developed into a very effective fighting unit.

Addition to Yomigaeri Forces

There are around 10,000 in total (though Rimuru believes there to only be around 1,000). They are all big fans of Shion and feel privileged to be able to fight for her. They all benefit from Shion’s unique skill War Goddess Transformation which causes all members of Yomigaeri to be clad in a Terror Haki which transforms them into Terror Knights giving them a tremendous strength. Instigating fear into the hearts of enemies, breaking their battle spirits. Sealing off the enemy’s own abilities while one-sidedly unleashed unrestrained violence onto them, the effects were tremendous.
Donning bluish-purple armor crafted by the elder brother of the three dwarves Garm himself from the scales of Charybdis, Shion’s personal forces dominated the battlefield.
They are lead by Dagruel’s children (Dagura, Ryura, and Debura). They were promoted to be captains of the squad after performing admirably during the fight between Leon and Yuuki. These 3 giants emitting a ridiculous amount of demonic aura as they rampaged about. Clad in Terror Haki had become the literal incarnation of violence as they go berserk. they were like 3 vortexes in the middle of the battlefield


Upon Shion's ascension to a True Demon Lord, all of her subordinates evolved into a half spirit life form. They are now a unique race that resembles spirits but still, have a body. Now they are closer to Demons than they are monsters. Their magic and defensive abilities are still lower than those of the Hiryuu, but they have all become immortal. Their physical appearance has also evolved to become more like that of Shion and they no longer have any semblance to that of a goblin or hobgoblin.