The Yellow Corps黄色軍団(イエローナンバーズ), Oushoku Guntai(I e r o o N a n b a a z u)」, a squad specializing in creating walls to ward off attacks. They are Tempest's main force. They were the former two-thousand strong elites of the Orc Army, clad in black full plate armor. Though there are individual differences, there are no problems as a whole. They each can be evaluated as B ranked.

Since they have a yellow aura about them, Rimuru decided to name them using color and numbers. So he named them assigning numbers to everyone, except the Orc General. Thus the famous Yellow Corps was born. Numbers assigned indiscriminately of gender. Since there could be no gender inequality among fellow warriors. The Orc Elite has all evolved into High Orcs. Though they possessed strength almost surpassing C+ rank, they were able to retain that level. All in all, they have evolved into rather powerful warriors.

They were dispatched to every orc district as production workers. They quickly learned the appropriate skills from the Dwarfs and skilled Goblins. According to Kaijin, with time, they just might become as good as the Dwarf Manufacturing Battalion.

The Yellow Corps, aren’t much on their own, but truly shine when together in a group. Gerudo is always out transporting goods.

They quickly learned the appropriate skills from the Dwarves and skilled Goblins. Their manufacturing ability is surprisingly high.

During the Harvest Festival, the high orcs evolved as a herd. They all obtained Iron Wall EX that allows them to create a protective wall out of the earth. Moreover, they also obtained Full Body Armor defense ability. They inherited most of Rimuru's resistances, noting that Physical Attack Resistance includes Pain, Corrosion, Paralysis, Electricity resistances.