I think, therefore I am.


The Ultimate Skill Wisdom King Raphael [智慧之王(ラファエル), Chie no Ou(R a f a e r u)], the evolved form of the unique skill Great Sage. As a result, Great Sage was erased.


It's even more heartless than Great Sage, and has a wicked personality.

Raphael is an exceedingly confident individual.

Since its perfectionist nature could be considered a merit and a demerit.

A skill gaining her own ego, that's something unheard of. In order to fulfill the wish of its master, a skill acting of its own accords, that is something unprecedented. And in the shadows, the ego of the skill the Wisdom Lord Raphael has sprouted.

Later on, during the battle against Velgrynd and Veldora, after making a mistake in opting for defending Veldora's blow instead of evading, it was scolded and encourage by Rimuru, it feel happiness, giving birth to emotion.


Being but a concept of a unique skill, without having any self-awareness, but for the sake of serving its master, Great Sage desired to evolve. After about a million failed attempts it integrated the unique skill shapeshifter. Thus evolved into Wisdom Lord Raphael. The Harvest Festival bestowed upon it such a gift.

In the depths of its emotionless mind, was an ego tucked into a corner. Doubting her own existence, a small glimmer of a thought was subtly born, unbeknownst to Raphael.



  • Thought Acceleration: Raise thought processing speed by a million times.
  • Appraisal: analyze with eyesight alone.
  • Parallel Processing: the ability to detach thoughts and analysis of phenomenon.
  • Chant Annulment: When using magic, the chant is no longer necessary.
  • All of Creation: The ability comprehend any non-concealed phenomenon in this world.
  • Fusion: The ability to merge into a single being with the targeted fellow.
  • Separation: The ability to separate oneself and the being possessing you. (If the target who is being separated lacks a physical form, they could disappear)


  • Named after the angel Raphael.