Wicked Oni (悪鬼(オニ) oni, lit. "Evil Oni") are a Semi-Spiritual Lifeform evolution of Kijin with greatly improved magical characteristics. Their powers can reach the level of unawakened but "mature" Demon Lord Breeds like Carrion.

Shion evolved into a Wicked Oni during Rimuru's Harvest Festival, while all the other survivors from the Ogre village evolved into Fair Oni instead.

Intrinsic Skills

Wicked Oni possesses the following Intrinsic Skills:

  • Ultraspeed Regeneration (超速再生 chōsoku saisei):
  • Perfect Memory (完全記憶 kanzen kioku):
  • Ogre Berserker (闘鬼化 tōki-ka, lit. "Battle-Oni Transformation"):
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