Western Saints Church is a religious institution established throughout the various cities and nations of the world.


The church recognizes the existence of only one god, Ruminas. Since the demon lords exercised restraint, the humans buy them off by handing over fertile land, so when power shifts in favor of humans, an invasion into their realms is a legitimate possibility. This thought has been preached by the Western Saints Church. The church's raison d’être is the belief that humans and monsters don't get along well. The hierarchy of the church, or at the very least the positions relating to it are rather complex. There are multiple individuals who stand at the top of the church's hierarchy. However, the true person that reigns at the top is the Knights Templar leader, Cardinal Nicholas.


Saint Demon Confrontation Arc


The church sent 4,000 troops to assist the Farmas Kingdom in subjugating Tempest. In terms of battle prowess, there are 3,000 professional demon exterminators. In addition, they also made a special exception and send out 1,000 knights associated with the church. The church knights have magic swords as standard equipment, which especially effective against demons. There were also many excellent individuals amongst the anti-demon units whom were sent to assist.

The symbol of justice against monsters were the 1000 knights of the Church's Chivalric Order. While they are inferior to the Holy Knights, each of them were equal to a rank B adventurer in terms of battle prowess. However, the ones who should have absolute superiority against monsters were annihilated in a blink of an eye.

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