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Ah, benevolent and cherished God! To give my lowly self such a blessing, I am ecstatic!

‘Gehennic Dragon King’ Wenti


Dragon Zombie - Assumed a zombie form.

Death Dragon - 20m long Dragon.

Skeleton (presumed to be similar to Adalman).

Death Dragon King - Beautiful Woman garbed in black.


Originally the dragon was a Dragon Zombie (Carrion Dragon) that caused a large-scale dead-spirits disaster in a battlefield in the Great Jura Forest. It fought in a great battle with Adalman and Albert. In the end, it was defeated, but Adalman and Albert and his three subordinates had expended all of their energy and were about to die, but by some twist of fate, they survived by turning into ghosts.

After the fight, the Dragon Zombie became their friends and evolved into a Death Dragon.

A Death Dragon has a strong body, high magical power, and energy.

It joined Adalman and Co. in defense of the 60th floor of the labyrinth.

It was evolved by Rimuru after the successful defense of Tempest on the first day of battle.


  • Corrosive Breath


ch Evolution Stage Trigger for Evolution Rank EP New Skills/Abilities
145 Dragon Zombie ?? Battle Corrosive zombie breath
146 Death Dragon Battle with Adalman, Befriending Adalman A
164 Death Dragon King Name by Rimuru

5000 souls by Rimuru

Special A
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