Walpurgis (魔王達の宴(ワルプルギス) Warupurugisu, lit. "Demon Lords' Banquet") is an event where all the demon lords who are part of the Ten Great Demon Lords, or later, the Octagram, gather. After proposing it, the approval of three demon lords of the council is needed to confirm and schedule it. A gathering of truly powerful individuals. Absentees have to be prepared to face severe consequences, as this is a covenant established between all the selfish established demon lords. In the eyes of humans, these happen really rarely and are hardly mentioned in human literature, however, there are many instances of Walpurgis gatherings that the humans were simply not aware of due to no impactful decisions being made, as many of the demon lords just regard the gathering as some sort of regular tea party, though in those instances there might actually be several absentees which are treated much more leniently in those cases.

The Walpurgis Banquet, in the eyes of the human nations, is typically associated with the beginning of a Great Holy Magic War. The last one being over a thousand years ago and resulted in a myriad of casualties and great calamities. Thus, it is commonly known as the banquet that brings chaos and destruction into the lands.

Demon lords are only allowed to bring 2-3 subordinates. There is a reason for this restriction. A long time ago, there were demon lords who would bring over a hundred individuals to flaunt their power. Some had their countries reduced to ash so came seeking to be annihilated. So, they decided that they had to bring someone of at least a low-class Majin ranking. According to the now ruined demon lords, they had always brought high ranking devils, but no one can confirm that and such reports have been ignored.

The seating order around the round table was decided based on the order in which one became demon lords.

Known Walpurgis Banquets

Walpurgis Banquet: Carrion's Betrayal and Rimuru's Demon Lord Proclamation

  • Banquet objective: Addressing the issue of Demon Lord Carrion's betrayal of the council, and his co-conspirator Rimuru Tempest's Demon Lord self-proclamation alongside the murder of Clayman's subordinate.

Banquet participants

  • Nine of the current Ten Great Demon Lords:
    • Demon Race.............Guy Crimson "Lord of Darkness"
    • Fairy Race (Pixie)......Ramiris "Labyrinth Master"
    • Dragonoid Race..........Milim Nava "Destroyer"
    • Giant Race..............Dagruel "Earthquake"
    • Vampire Race............Roy Valentine "Bloody Lord"
    • Fallen Angel Race.......Dino ”Sleeping Ruler”
    • Winged Race (Harpy).....Frey ”Sky Queen”
    • Undead Race.............Clayman ”Marionette Master”
    • Former Human............Leon Cromwell ”Platinum Saber"
  • The Newcomer:
  • Masked participant:
    • Lion/Lycanthrope Race.....Carrion ”Lion King”
  • The unexpected Latecomer:
  • The exposed Demon Lord pretending to be a maid:

Banquet Outcome

  • Milim reveals that she was not under Clayman's control, as most of the assembled Demon Lords had believed her to be.
  • Demon Lords Rimuru Tempest, Frey, and Milim exposed Clayman treachery: the plot with the former Demon Lord Kazaream to manipulate the Ten Demon Lords into acknowledging Clayman's invasion into Carrion's territory as legitimate, as well as approving of killing Rimuru Tempest and destroying his newfound country.
  • Rimuru kills Demon Lord Clayman and Rimuru is officially recognized by the other Demon Lords.
  • Demon Lords ”Sky Queen” Frey and ”Lion King” Carrion step down from Ten Great Demon Lords. They became ”Tyrant of Destruction (Destroyer)” Milim Nava's subordinates. Milim Nava gained their territories.
  • No longer having ten Demon Lords the title of ”Ten Great Demon Lords” was changed to ”The Octagram” by Rimuru Tempest.

Newly formed "The Octagram"


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