:This article is about the manga chapter titled "Walpurgis". You may be looking for the Demon Lord Banquet instead.

Walpurgis (魔王達の宴(ワルプルギス) warupurugisu, lit. "Demon Lord Banquet") is the seventy-eighth chapter of the manga adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


A subordinate of Clayman, and Clayman himself via one of his crystal balls, eavesdrops on the rumor of Veldora killing the entire Farmus's army of 20,000.

Rimuru enters the Walpurgis Banquet venue and meets Guy Crimson for the first time and almost gets trampled by Dagruel the Giant-race Demon Lord entering the venue after Rimuru. Then, the current Vampire Demon Lord, Valentin, enters the room. Rimuru notices that one of the subordinates of Valentin seems to have a higher magicule count than the current Vampire Demon Lord. After that, Dino enters. Him and Ramiris seems to be bickering with one-another. Then Frey enters alongside a suspicious familiar winged individual with a Lion's head. Following that, Leon Cromwell enters. After a brief exchange between Rimuru and Leon, Milim Nava and Clayman arrive, Clayman hits Milim and then declares the Demon Lord Banquet as convened while Rimuru plans the downfall of Clayman.

In Beast Kingdom Eurazania, Yamza is confronted with the fact that the armies of Yuurazania and the Jura Tempest Federation are cooperating against Clayman's forces. The Three Beastketeers manage to trick Benimaru into taking the Commander-In-Chief role for the joint army in order for them to fight in the battle themselves while Benimaru is left in charge of commanding the joint army.

Adaptation Notes

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