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Azathoth (虚空神アザトス azatosu, lit. "Void God") is the skill Rimuru Tempest gained after he named Ciel and she evolved into a Manas, thus improving her abilities, allowing her to fuse the appropriate skills to create this ultimate skill.

Originally, during Rimuru's battle with Veldora's mind-controlled body, Storm King Veldora and Covenant King Uriel were supposed to be fused into creating Stellar Wind Lord Hastur. But due to the fear of entering sleep mode during a decisive battle, he rejected the fusion proposal and delayed the evolution, ultimately leading to this.[1]


The essence of Azathoth is 'Nihility' or 'nothingness'.


  • Soul Consumption「魂暴喰, Tamashii Boukuu」: The upgraded version of Predator. It consumes everything, including the target's soul.
  • Turn Null (Nihility Collapse)「虚無崩壊, Kyomu Houkai」: An immensely destructive Energy produced from a chaotic, nuclear dimension. Controllable via Manas.
  • Imaginary Room「虚数空間, Kyosuu Kuukan」: A dimension made to isolate any and all targets. The upgraded version of Stomach+Isolate with unlimited space
  • Space Time Control「時空間支配, Jikuukan Shihai」: Instantaneous travel and every form of temporal and spatial manipulation is possible with the user's will alone.
  • Multi-Dimensional Barrier「多次元結界, Tajigen Kekkai」: An always active, multi-layered barrier. An absolute defense that makes use of dimensional gaps.
  • True Dragon Release「竜種解放, Ryuushu Kaihou」: The ability to have Individuals: Dragons (Velgrynd and/or Veldora) use one or more clones. Even in the case of death, memory recovery is possible. This skill has no time limit.
  • True Dragon Core Transformation「竜種核化, Ryuushu Kakuka」: An ability that manifests a Blade Core with consent from the actual person (dragon).


  • Suspended World「停止世界, Teishi Sekai」: The world stops, the users' cognition and movement increases by 1 million times of normal speed. In other words, by controlling the flow of time, it is possible to accelerate oneself. It is a superpower that is different from super acceleration, in principle. Due to the side effects of this ability, the user can't cause any emission type effects, like magic, as they too are frozen in time.
  • Teleportation「瞬間移動 Shunkan Idou」: The ability to move instantaneously to any point in space.[2]
  • Time Warp時間跳躍(タイムワープ) Jikan Chōyaku(T a i m u W ā p u)」(Chapter 248): The ability to move instantaneously to any point in time.[3]


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