Voice of the World「世界の言葉, Sekai no Kotoba」is the 'voice' that announces events occurring in the world. It can also be said to be the voice of the laws or system governing the world. It can be described as an omnipresent being that oversees everything.

The 'Voice' of the 'World' is simply that, its voice. The actual entity behind the voice is the World's System, originally created by God. It manages everything from the flow of Magicules to the distribution and bestowing of Skills and the circulation of Souls.


It is a complete logic driven entity devoid of any emotion. A computational existence of a sort.


Anybody can hear the Voice of the World. Commonly, the only times when it communicates with beings is when:

  • The world changes
  • A skill is acquired
  • Someone undergoes an evolution

The VotW never takes direct action nor plays a hand in any of the world's (the creatures in it) dealings unless someone outright violates one of the fundamental aspects of the System.


The VotW, or simply the World itself, is one of the many World Systems that Veldanava had created over the course of his life. It harbors no emotions nor ill-will towards any of the beings within it.

However, one of the primary aspects of the System was that its Creator is to love all beings within it equally, and must never exhibit partiality towards one individual or a specific group. Thus, when Veldanava fell in love with Lucia and decided to come down to live a humble life among the Humans, it caused an error in the System.

As a result, the World deemed Lucia's existence to be evil, and the price to be paid for violating the World's System was the deletion of Veldanava and Lucia. In this way, the World had the two of them killed using an enemy nation as a proxy, and thus destroyed their souls.

Afterward, the entire story revolves around Veldanava's remnant core, Manas: Velda, who harbored all his negative emotions, wanting to destroy the World as a sacrifice to recreate the soul of Lucia and fully resurrect her.