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Vesta (ベスター Besutā) is a former minister of Dwargon and is currently the lead researcher of Tempest.


Unusual for a dwarf, Vesta is of a slender build, and rather tall, but around the height of a normal human. Vesta seems to need glasses to help him focus during research; when serving as a Dwargon minister, he wasn't seen with glasses.


After joining Tempest he has become more reliable. He got rid of that sharp personality and mellowed out.

Vesta is an unexpectedly useful dwarf. Rather than politics, he is made for science. He was very boring when he was obsessed with political power.


Vesta was the son of a marquis and second-in-command of Dwargon's engineering corps. He often argued with Kaijin, head of the engineering corps. At some point, the corps launched a magic-armor soldier project. Kaijin warned Vesta that he was proceeding too quickly with the project, but his advice was ignored. A failed experiment grounded the project to a halt, and Vesta put the blame on Kaijin. Kaijin took full responsibility and resigned from the corps.



He requested Kaijin and co. to create 200 steel spears and 20 magisteel swords,[1] fully aware that Kaijin will struggle with the order.

He later discovers the group at a nightclub and mocks Rimuru. This caused Kaijin to punch him, leading to the group's arrest. He bribed their lawyer to frame them, but Gazel Dwargo knew the truth and exiled them instead. After Rimuru and Kaijin's group left, Gazel expressed his disappointment at Vesta's actions and stripped his title of minister.

Demon Lord Attack

He was brought to Tempest by Gazel to work under Rimuru. After apologizing profusely for his past actions, he was tasked with creating healing potions.

He and Gabiru are rather compatible. Because of that, he was allowed to reside in the Sealed Cave. The cave happened to be the perfect atmosphere for science experiments. Gabiru assigned two of his subordinates to guard Vesta. Later, he joined with Ramiris in her labyrinth to conduct research. Vesta received a humble home on the outskirts of the 95th floor's city; allowing him a peaceful place to sleep and research on his own a safe distance from the city.


He has indulged in sorcery. However, according to Kaijin, he is not too good at it. Vesta is an excellent researcher and helps Tempest refine its process to produce its health potions on a large scale. He also helped to construct the magic circles used to travel around Tempest from the Sealed Cave (where Rimuru and Veldora met), to the Labyrinth and to the city proper. He is also an excellent conceptualized inventor as he assisted with many of the marvels of Tempest including but not limited to the Observation Room in the Labyrinth and its monitoring magic, an instant camera, passenger airships, a train that run on magic energy, gadgets, and tools of espionage for Souei and the rest of the Shadow Squad.



For Vesta who was noble, it was humiliating for him to be forced to take orders from a commoner. But he apologized to Rimuru and Kaijin.


The two become fast friends and are often seen together. As both Vesta's lab and hepote herb farm are in the same cave, the two often interact when Gabiru delivers ingredients for Vesta's experiments.

Rimuru Tempest

Initially looking down on Rimuru for being a slime, Vesta has come to respect his new ruler and immediate supervisor. Rimuru often comes to Vesta with ideas on products, even trying to recreate technology from the other world such as an instant camera.



  • In the anime, Vesta bears an eerie similarity to Amshel Goldsmith from Blood+ during his time in Dwargon.


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