Velzard (ヴェルザード veruzādo), also known as White Ice Dragon (白氷竜 shiro hyō ryū), is the second-oldest of the four True Dragons and is the partner of Guy Crimson.


Uninterested in most worldly matters, Velzard usually spends her time in the Palace of White Ice, releasing her aura that keeps the Ice Continent frozen.


  • Guy Crimson: Guy is Velzard's friend and partner, they treat each other as equals.
  • Leon Cromwell: They don't get along well. Their exchanges usually amount to superficial pleasantries followed by back-and-forth bickering.
  • Veldora Tempest: Velzard is exasperated by Veldora's violent outbursts and her method of education in the past was outright killing him, hoping that his next incarnation would be more obedient. The most recent method involved letting Veldora stay trapped in the Hero's Unlimited Imprisonment, only planning to free him until shortly before he'd disperse.
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