"White Ice Dragon" Velzado ["白氷竜" ヴェルザード, "Haku Hyou Ryu'u" Veruzaado, literally "White Ice Dragon, Velzado"], the "Ice Empress" [氷の女帝, Koori no Jotei], is the second of the four True Dragons.


A beautiful white-haired girl. She has pure white skin with cold and bewitching blue diamond colored eyes and bright white lips.


She is considered the Strongest True Dragon in terms of power and defensive capability and has the greatest Magicule store after Veldanava.

Ultimate Skills

Former Ultimate ​​​​​​Skills


  • Guy Crimson: She is Guy's first subordinate, though it may be more appropriate to call her a partner. She is the only one of his subordinates whom he cares about
  • Veldora: Her younger brother; Veldora avoids her due to her punishment for his rampaging, in the past.
  • Velgrynd: Her younger sister...


  • She is said to have a voice like ice.
  • Guy Crimson used his copy of Alteration to synthesize Patience King Gabriel and Envious King Leviathan into Ice God Cthulhu.


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