"Scorch Dragon" Velgrynd ["灼熱竜" ヴェルグリンド, "Shakunetsu Ryuu" Verugurindo] is the third of the True Dragon species.

She is known for her cardinal red dragon body, scorching heat abilities, and insanely fast movement speed.


In her human form, she has the appearance of a beautiful woman with azure-colored hair.


She is highly intelligent and has trained her self to be able to control her vast power very efficiently. She is able to think quickly and tactically about the bigger picture as was demonstrated by the speed in which she devised her a strategy to subdue Veldora.

She is goal-oriented as she is seen to be constantly working towards the goal of finally defeating Guy Crimson.

She is very confident in her abilities but also is not overly confident as she realizes that she cannot take Rimuru lightly after she had captured Veldora from Rimuru.

She is prideful as she is angered when she seems to be ignored by Rimuru during their battle.

She is in love with Rudra.


Veldora and Velgrynd fought not seriously 2,000 years ago which caused the formation of the volcanic region. Veldora had caught a glimpse of Velgrynd's true power and fled.

Velgrynd allied herself with the Eastern Empire through forming a pact with the Emperor Rudra.

When Rudra's consciousness was transferred to a sword, Velgrynd took the sword while she searched for his reincarnated body.


She is considered to be the fastest of the True Dragons.

Ultimate Skills

  • Flame God Cthugha
    • It can exponentially increase the thermal energy within the target, in other words, it is an ability that forcefully increased kinetic momentum. To a certain extent, it could boost physical capabilities, but going too far would push bodily energy consumption over the limits. And, when the ability is at its greatest, it could accelerate heat production within the body, causing the body to burn into nothingness. In other words, it was an ability that could freely manipulate the energy composition of the target's body.

Former Ultimate Skills



  • Her Ultimate Skills was evolved by Wisdom God Ciel (from Ultimate Skill Charity King Raguel into Flame God Cthugha.
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