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Veldora Tempest (ヴェルドラ゠テンペスト Verudora Tenpesuto), also known as Storm Dragon Veldora (暴風竜ヴェルドラ Bōfūryū Verudora) is one of the four True Dragons.

He was sealed by a Hero in the past before meeting a slime, who he named Rimuru. At Veldora's request, Rimuru also came up with a shared name for the duo - Tempest.

After he was released, he chose to reside in the Jura Tempest Federation as its guardian deity.


His scales gleam like black steel, and are flexible and durable, like the scales of a fish.

After being released from Rimuru's stomach, since Veldora had only a spiritual body, Rimuru gifted a one of his humanoid replicas to Veldora as a vessel, which Veldora reshaped to his liking. Veldora's human form has blond hair, is about two meters tall. Veldora's alterations to the body turned the face masculine, though Rimuru's general facial features remained. As Veldora learned to suppress his tremendous aura before leaving the Sealed Cave, he appears to most people as merely a handsome, albeit slightly intimidating, young man.


Veldora is generally boisterous, excitable, but also fairly easy going. Despite his reputation as someone who just wants to rampage, Veldora is largely only dangerous if he doesn't get to unwind once in a while or if his loved ones are threatened. He is also quite energetic, prideful, and has no reservation in showing off his strength.

After meeting Rimuru and reading the manga stored in Rimuru's memories, which he refers to as "sacred texts", he began to reconsider some of his more destructive previous behavior. His time spent in Rimuru's stomach with Ifrit and his time spent living in Tempest resulted in Veldora developing a somewhat more patient, analytical, and less impulsive personality.

Despite his nonchalant personality, he greatly appreciates Rimuru as his sworn friend and trusts him.

Veldora is not good at facing his older sister Velzard, so he avoids contact with her as much as possible.

In his mind, Veldora was the baby of his family. He believed that his sisters were only there to torture him. As such, he views Rimuru as his friend and brother figure in that he not only understands Rimuru but also tries to serve as a sort of mentor.


True Dragons are immortal and unblemished beings made of pure energy and formed by sentient beings' prayers. With only 4 True Dragons in the world, Veldora is a top-class existence. Due to a certain incident 300 years ago in which Veldora trashed a human city and attacked Demon Lord Luminous Valentine, a Summoned Hero was dispatched to defeat him. The beautiful hero imprisoned him with her Unlimited Imprisonment technique, sentencing him to live his days in monotonous boredom - not that he seems to regret it.

However, one fateful day, a slime bumped into him. Curious, as nothing should be able to get close to him due to his pure energy composition, he started to converse with the small slime.

After befriending Rimuru, Veldora consented to Rimuru's plan to store Veldora in his stomach while he worked on finding a way to release Veldora from the Unlimited Imprisonment technique. Veldora ultimately spent a year inside Rimuru's stomach, passing the time by going through Rimuru's memories of his previous life in Japan. He attempted to gather the souls of others that Rimuru consumed into the stomach with him, resulting in Ifrit joining Veldora. Ifrit and Veldora forged a strong friendship during their time spent in Rimuru's stomach, and Ifrit eventually agreed to become Veldora's apprentice.

Veldora was unleashed on the unsuspecting world after the Great Sage upgraded itself to The King of Wisdom, Raphael. The upgrade and absorption of a greater demon allowed Raphael to boost Veldora's Investigator skill to 345 times its previous speed. At Raphael's urging, Veldora upgraded the Unique Skill Investigator to the Ultimate Skill Faust, further boosting Veldora's processing power by a thousand times. These upgrades allowed Veldora and Raphael to finish the process of freeing Veldora's astral body from the Ultimate Imprisonment technique.

Veldora currently inhabits one of Rimuru's clones as his own form, and a Soul Corridor with Rimuru allows the two to share their powers with one another. Thanks to storing his memories within Rimuru, Veldora is functionally immortal. So long as Rimuru lives, Veldora can be summoned again regardless of how much damage he takes.


  • Veldora tends to read manga and stories from Rimuru's memories and treats them as sacred texts to pattern his life by.
  • He even developed his own "Veldora Style Martial Arts" out of combat techniques shown in manga and video games. Episode 47 of the anime took it even further by having him use the following moves; Hadouken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki Senpukyaku and Tetsuzanko from Street Fighter, and Kamehameha from Dragon Ball.
  • His antics earned him the nickname "Chunni Dragon" (as in dragon with Chunnibyo) among fans.
  • Veldora loves to laugh out loud, with his most iconic laugh being the 3-stage laugh.
  • Veldora always acts tough even when he is in dire situations.
  • He is one of the few individuals aware of Raphael's existence, along with Charys, Benimaru, Mjurran, Diablo, Grucius, and Rimuru himself.
  • To the surprise of many, he is quite capable as a cook, working a takoyaki stand during the festival and even amazing people with how good it was.