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"Star King Dragon" Veldanava「"星王竜" ヴェルダナーヴァ, "Seiōryū" Verudanāva」, later renamed Velda Nava, is the first and strongest of the True Dragon species.

He is the creator of the world and everything in them, including skills and ultimate skills




Veldanava was originally an almighty being living in the vast emptiness, who could control the two main types of energy: Nihility, which is the energy of "nothingness" (this was lost after the worlds' creation) and Stardust which is the energy of "everythingness" (the densest form of energy possible). As an almighty being, he could use the root of all magic called Primitive Magic. He also had all the knowledge and ability to use all skills using his Origin Skill: "Information King" Akashic Records.


World Creation

Bored and lonely, Veldanava decided to create a world to entertain himself and find company. First, he created the multiverse, though he lost his Skill Turn Null due to his finite "stomach." After that, he proceeded to create a world and several parallel worlds within that multiverse. And just as he wished, living beings with their own wills began to sprout. Even more so, soon, humans came about harboring souls of free will and possessing high intellect. Veldanava enjoyed the lifestyles of the creatures but these humans gave him elation. However, because of humans possessing emotion, they would soon end up warring against each other if he left them unattended. Soon enough, after experimenting about with several other worlds, each having different kinds of growth based on the slight differences he conjured. Veldanava realized that war was inevitable and that it was some kind of necessary evil for his creation's growth. If Veldanava wanted, he could easily force the suppression of emotions and prevent war, but this would rob humans of their free will. It would become a dystopia where all beings were (treated) equal but nobody had free will, which was not the kind of world he wanted. The world was cruel, but it gave you everything -- such is the world Veldanava sought.

World Management

Meanwhile, he carefully chose humans with matured souls and created Angels and Daemons as their managers, depending on their alignments. He created a system where souls could circulate across all dimensions. However, he also made sure that the managers could not intervene too much and thus appointed the role of observer to three specific individuals: Dino from the Angel side, Ramiris from the Spirit side, and Guy from the Daemon side.

Until his death, the three most frequently used ultimate skills Veldanava used (thanks to Akashic Records) were: Creation Lord Ahura Mazda to create the worlds, Justice King Michael to bring down and reset the warring civilizations if they progressed too far (enough to ruin the world), and Covenent King Uriel to protect himself. He could just as easily use any possible skills, but due to frequency, he kept these three "active."

At some point, one after another, three more True Dragons were born into the world: Velzado, Veldora, and Velgrynd.

Fall of Velda Nava

Later still, He fell in love with the human Lucia with whom he decided to live simply alongside the humans. He renamed himself to Velda Nava and his wife was Lucia Nava, and later he fathered the Dragonoid, his daughter, Milim Nava. However, because of this, Veldanava lost most of his powers, thus reproduction was deemed a taboo by the True Dragons. Milim inherited the ability to control Stardust and obtained Magicule Breeder Reactor from her father, whereas Veldanava lost the ability to use these. Even if he could use Primitive Magic and had his origin skill and three ultimate skills, he did not have the capacity to use them properly anymore. So, he was forced to give the skill Justice King Michael to his brother-in-law Rudra who was a Hero and a Saint in order to preserve the world's balance.

Veldanava, who lost his power, took on flesh and became the founder of the dragon family. From then on, the mass of natural holy spirits came to be called the dragon race. Presently, the many dragons who inhabit the world can trace their roots to their founder, Veldanava.

But in a cruel twist of fate, as the system's own compelling force, Veldanava was not allowed to continue like this. According to the system of the world, God must love all beings equally. Veldanava, who loved one specific individual more than any other, broke the rules of the world. As such, Lucia was marked for elimination. Both Lucia and Veldanava were murdered by an enemy nation that served as a proxy.

When Dino heard of this atrocity, he was so enraged that he destroyed the nation that murdered Lucia and Veldanava. This resulted in Dino turning into a Fallen Angel Demon Lord from a Seraphim and altering his ultimate skill Sky King Luciel to Fallen King Luciel. The saddened Ramiris quietly put the corpses of Veldanava and Lucia in a preservative seal.


After his death, all of Veldanava's negative emotions culminated together into Manas: Velda (who also contained "Creation Lord" Ahura Mazda), and Veldanava was subsequently reincarnated as Milim's pet dragon, Gaia, later renamed Velgaia by Rimuru Tempest.

Manas: Velda, who condemned the world for killing its own creator, continued to drift about throughout the world until he found a suitable host who shared the same goal of destroying the world, Yuuki Kagurazaka. And, similar to Manas: Velda, Justice King Michael, who had been with Veldanava for many years, had developed an ego and also wished to destroy the world. Thus Michael would attempt at taking over or escaping from Rudra in every chance it saw.

On the other hand, Veldanava's reincarnate Gaia did not have any of the memories of Veldanava, meaning he was just another dragon, not even a true dragon. However, Gaia was later killed by an unknown, now lost, country, and that act caused Milim, who had grown close to Gaia, to rampage and destroy the country, thus awakening as a Demon Lord and obtaining the Ultimate Skill: "Wrathful King" Satanael.

Her mind ravaged by grief, Milim could no longer control her anger, and Guy and Ramiris had to step in and keep her in check, which caused Ramiris to evolve into a Demon Lord. Meanwhile, Gaia, who resurrected into a chaos dragon by absorbing Milim's excess demonic power and was sealed.

Dispersion of Abilities

Milim Nava - She is his daughter and inherited some of his power. Most notably, she inherited the ability to use Stardust magic and the Magicule Breeder Reactor.

Manas: Velda - The nucleic heart of Veldanava; he wandered many worlds before finding Yuuki and regaining his memories as Veldanava. He retained the Origin Skill: "Information King" Akashic Records.

Rimuru Tempest - He indirectly inherited "Covenant King" Uriel from Veldanava and "Wisdom Lord" Raphael from Lucia.



Intrinsic Skill

Origin Skill

  • "Information King" Akashic Records

Ultimate Skills

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