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Veldanava (ヴェルダナーヴァ verudanāva), known as Star King Dragon (星王竜 seiōryū) is the oldest True Dragon.



Veldanava kept his brother Veldora away from Milim due to being a potentially bad influence on her but seemed eager to brag about his human wife to him, which made Veldanava lecture Veldora about the aspects of beauty, with Veldora becoming knowledgeable about evaluating human beauty as a result.[1]


He is the father of Milim Nava, but when his Human wife got pregnant with her, it caused most of his powers to be transferred to Milim. Ever since powerful Monsters consider this type of behavior a taboo.

As a result, Veldanava remanifested himself as the Founder Dragon, the forefather of all regular Dragons.

After a long time passed, the Founder Dragon reincarnated himself as Milim's pet dragon. Due to an assassination attempt by the ancient Magic Kingdom, this incarnation of Veldanava got killed, causing Milim to rage, obliterate the ancient Magic Kingdom, and becoming the second True Demon Lord in existence.


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