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One of the three great leaders of Cerberus, he governed over the "Power" aspect of the organization. After his death and his resurrection as Seraphim, he was given the rank of "Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders" by Yuuki (Velda).


He has great confidence in his strength and believes he can defeat those who are strong enough to take on Demon Lord class fighters. Because of this he comes over as extremely arrogant and does not have a very serious attitude when facing opponents. Although he is completely fearless, a bit screwy and stupid, he still knows when to run.



He was created by Yuuki.


Ultimate Skill

  • Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahak
    • Thought Acceleration
    • Parallel Thought
    • Organic Matter Control
    • Duplication Mass Produce
    • Ability Absorption
    • Space Control
    • Multidimensional Barrier

Unique Skills


Clash of the Dragon and Demon Arc

While hiding in an airship he witnessed everyone in the immediate area be killed by Testarossa's

Ultimate Technique. By hiding his presence he escaped unharmed and ate the Beast Corps Commander, Gradim's, heart and stole his God tier armor.

Diablo and Moss called him the "Rat" as he scurried from one place to another and left him alone until he put himself in the middle of Carrera and Kondou's battle. After he killed Kondou and ate his heart he left to intercept the Emperor. Dressed as Gradim, Vega was able to convince the mages on board to allow him to escape the airship with Emperor in tow. Unbeknownst to him, he was being trailed by Moss's clones as he went from ship to ship and finally to the Eastern Empire. Upon arriving Yuuki noticed the bug and immediately eliminated it.

Acting as Gradim, he related a fanciful tale to the Emperor that wasn't fully cognizant, as a result of his Ultimate Skill, Justice King Michael, deteriorating his mind. After which it was decided to call upon the Angels to help his comrades (sadly they are long gone). This was all proceeding as Yuuki and Vega wanted. As Vega began to gloat (internally) his thoughts were interrupted by none other than Carrera looking for some payback. She used a combination of Necrosis bullet and Extinction King Abaddon to hit his head dead on and cause a corrosive effect to his body.

However, Vegas was resurrected by Yukki as a Seraphim and as part of the Four Fiends of the Heavenly Commanders. Later he commanded the invasion on Milim's castle because he was so powerful Karion tried to fight him but Vegas overwhelm him but when Gobuta joined the battle it led to him being overpowered although before he could be defeated transferred his consciousness to a clone and was promply killed by Carrera.


  • Pseudo-Artificial man-made Slime.
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