Usurper (簒奪者(ウバウモノ) ubaumono, Furigana: "Snatcher") is a Unique Skill of Hinata Sakaguchi.


  • Usurpation (簒奪 sandatsu): This main ability allows the user to 'rob' power from their opponents, effectively weakening their skills and magic. Although this ability only works on those stronger than the user.
    • Forced Usurpation (強制簒奪 kyōsei sandatsu): This is a skill that requires mastery of the Unique Skill Usurper. It grants the user the ability to 'rob' power even from those weaker than the user.
  • Copying (複写 fukusha): This main ability allows the user of the skill to copy and obtain the skills of those they are fighting.
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