Hello, it's me again. I know that pesky admin that floods our notifications bar so this is the last one for this year, let me start by saying this has been a great year for the wiki and the franchise, we get at least not less than 60k+ readers per day.  Also if you are wondering why my edits have been flooding the wiki activity is because I use mass edit tools and don't have a bot, Gomen nasai. We are really popular and we have a lot of active users mostly people that comment. For those who ran away from the wiki and are coming back after the school terms:

Recent Changes

  1. We have four admins (2 bureaucrats and 2 admins).
  2. We have a new wordmark and wallpaper.
  3. We have added required (or overly required) CSS and JS.
  4. The main page has been updated and we have around 30 affiliated wikis.

New Changes

  • There are rules that have been added to the wiki, you can check them here.
  • You will notice some images missing that's because they were deleted in accordance with the image policy.
  • The discussions activity has become more active if you have questions, suggestions about the series or wiki.
  • Rimuru Tempest's page has been protected due to constant vandalism and spam.
  • We have affiliated with the official Discord server and we hope to affiliate with the Reddit.

What's gonna happen from now on?

As from next year, I will like the users not only to be active editors but to be able to come to an admin, when there's a problem.

  • There will be an introduction of a poll, mid-January for {{Main Page/Featured Article}} and for wallpaper (as the wiki is not owned by the admins, we want you to have a chance to decide the wallpaper and featured article).
  • If possible, due to the Helping Out! page, I will like to form teams that will be overseen by an admin to finish the tasks.
  • The Article Improvement Project is still ongoing and will be later changed to a project page, Participation will begin next year starting from January 3, 2019. The user with at least 1000 contributions at the end of February 4, 2019 becomes an admin.
  • Also as from next year, every month either BrainDeadZero or me will have a wiki feedback discussion or blog.
  • Every article that is less than 300 bytes or does not comply with the wiki's standards will be deleted in 24 to 48 hours expect you plead to an admin, also I want to make the Category talk:Candidates for deletion page more active

One last thing

A lot of you might be wondering why, one day you come to the wiki we have 800+ pages and another day, we have 700+ pages. That is because I am deleting a lot of unnecessary pages made by past editors, I prefer to have a wiki with a lot of high-quality and mid-quality content than when almost about 100 pages are full of spam or need to be merged.

Thank you for reading and hope you will stay with the wiki till next year, I applaud if you read this article from the beginning XD

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