Moshi moshi, it is I =, Rimuru Tempest (aka Toji-san) teehee, well I know I have been inactive from governing the country (college is so stressful), well due to corona virus (I hope y'all are safe), they pushed back my exams so I will out of school by April 9 or 12, and my exams have started. Not to lose hope, I made some few changes to the admin team:

Veldora Tempest

Sadly, to say since Spectra is no longer active, the bureaucrat as been given to BrainDeadZero, cause he watches over the wiki, so now we have 2 Tempest in town.

Elite Squad

  • Bloodstain is now back, so be expecting him to resume his admin duties.
  • MAZ is also an admin, keep up the good work.

Sub-Elite Squad

  • Neo, is now a content mod since he is so passionate about the wiki.

Well Carver, if you are interested you are more than welcome to hit me up!!!!! That is it for now, until April, be safe. WASH YOUR HANDS, REDUCE YOUR SHAKING AND MORE IMPORTANTLY DON'T GET CORONA VIRUS!!!!'

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