Hi guys, this is SpectraXCD, an editor of this wikia since June 2017! This is a late blog post, but I'm announcing that I wish to become an admin of this wikia.

To be honest, if things work out well this would be my first time becoming a wikia admin so I wasn't sure how the process worked and simply continued editing as usual after posting a request here, until I noticed BrainDeadZero making his blogpost here. XD

Why I want to adopt

I dove into the web novel without any expectations when I was on the lookout for series with overpowered protagonists and was blown away at the hype and goosebumps Tensei Slime gave me. As a fellow fan, I found myself looking up the wiki for quick facts or recollections and was disheartened at the poor state of it. Since then I created my wiki account in an effort to fix things and giving it the love it deserves.

It was only recently that I noticed the current admin had been inactive for a long time and I had the opportunity to improve the wiki at greater intricacies that simply adding and editting pages.

As BrainDeadZero stated in his blogpost, I also plan on changing the color scheme of the wiki and making it more pleasing to the eyes.

Also, because of the author's tendency to use a variety of words involving demons and the like (e.g. mabutsu, mazoku, majin etc) and the different translators, I can understand it's difficult for some fans to add and edit information in the wiki with 100% certainty. I have a friend helping me out from the raws and hope to make things clearer from here on out too.


As for qualifications, I do believe I meet the requirements according to the guidlines.

Here are my contributions till date.

Although I might be an amateur to the whole wikia environment (because the only reason I have been visint any wikia till now was to retrieve series facts), I'll try my best to start and participate in various discussions to liven up this community!

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