I saw that some people really want to link WN pages to LN/manga/anime pages for some reason, but let me tell you: It's not going to work out like that!

The Light Novel diverges so much in terms of both lore and characters, that something like "composite pages" is just not feasible for this series, escpacially when it comes to characters like Yuuki and Hinata, the former escpacially, whose personality had gotten a complete overhaul.

There are other differences like Ranga not evolving during Rimuru's Harvest Festival and stuff like "Battle Skills" and "Daily Skills" no longer even existing in the LN. Likewise "EP" doesn't exist in the LN and even the Disaster Ranks themselves are completely different in the LN than they were in the WN, e.g.:

WN A Rank = LN A Rank (Hazard), A+ Rank, Special A Rank (Calamity)
WN A+ Rank = LN S Rank (Disaster) for Demon Lord Seeds
WN S Rank = LN S Rank (Disaster) for True Demon Lords
WN SS Rank = LN Special S Rank (Catastrophe)

Then there's also the fact that while in the WN, the Dungeon is somewhere outside of the Tempest Capital (which is also named differently between WN (Tempest City) and LN (Rimuru City)) in some "Satellite Town", that Satellite Town doesn't exist in the LN, and the Dungeon is instead right under the Colosseum in the middle of Rimuru City.

Did I mention yet, that Tempest in the WN 魔物の国(テンペスト) (Monster Nation(Tempest)) is called differently from the Tempest in the LN ジュラ・テンペスト連邦国 (Jura Tempest Federation) or short 魔国連邦(テンペスト) (Monster Federation(Tempest))?

For that and many more reasons, like the story actually being very different by now in the raws compared to where it was in the WN around an equivalent point, I really hope everyone now understands why crosslinking between WN and LN content is not a good idea. If you want to get the WN pages running, then I'd welcome any assistance in moving the pages that are very obviously still based on the Web Novel version, to PAGENAME (Web Novel), which you can then link from other Web Novel pages to. Thank you very much.

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