Hey everyone! If you haven't been around for the past month or so, you should know that a few users have been planning to adopt this wiki. Well, the adoption process was successful, and now we have some new admins!

Your new demon lords

What's gonna happen now?

Now that we have access to admin tools, we have more control over the wiki. For one thing, the wiki theme as been changed (applies to desktop only), and we have a new wordmark.

These are some of my (BrainDeadZero) plans:

  • Organize this wiki.

This includes adding/changing categories, file names, removing duplicates, etc. This can be time consuming, and will probably flood the Recent Wiki Activity and Recent changes, which us why I'm planning to:

I already have a bot account here. I just need approval from my fellow admins before I request a bot flag.

I'll have to check and see if there is any info there that's not available here.

We're already connected to a Russian wiki. So far, I found a Spanish wiki and Brazilian-Portuguese wiki, although neither of these wikis are active. I'll probably wait and find more wikis before requesting.

Toji-san has some ideas for CSS, so we'll wait and see what they look like. As for JS, I'm thinking of importing some scripts from the FANDOM Developers Wiki. Some scripts I have in mind are RailWAM, WikiaNotification and something similar to the discord widget thing you see on this page (desktop only, as mobile doesn't support custom css/js).

Will you be adding rules and stuff?

BrainDeadZero: Not at the moment. My main priority is to get the wiki organized. I might make some simple guidelines, but it's not worth it unless we have more active editors (i.e. people that don't just edit once or twice, and then are never seen again). And besides, most users should have common sense, right? Right?

SpectraXCD: Nothing much to add actually. BrainDeadZero already mentioned everything I had thought of, and much more. That too, it a really clean and organized way. Sasuga Veteran-san! For now, I simply wish to mention that in the past, I've seen random users come in and edit the wiki just for fun (e.g. writing "ultimate waifu" in Raphael's page). While I understand where this is coming from and it's nice for laughs and chuckles, please refrain from doing that. XD

Toji-san: I wish someone told me I was admin cause I'm so excited XD, also maybe an image policy but I am going to be adding RailWam, WikiaNotification and ProfileTags and I also changing the font.

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