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This is a blog listing all differences in names of characters, skills, locations and stuff. Most people were introduced to this series through the origninal web novel and it's manga adaptation. Before Yen Press and Kodansha Comics released the series in English, many fans turn to fan-translations. As such, there are some differences in the spelling of names, skill and what not. So I decided to make this blog to compare them. Hopefully, we can use these as a standard for the wiki, especially now since the anime is kicking off.

TL;DR: This is a comparison between official translations and fan translations.

Note: Official translations of light novels are currently up to volume 3. Official translations of the manga are currently up to volume 8. This blog will be updated when new volumes are released (and therefore, new translations). The frequency of updates depends on my progress on the series.

Character names

Light Novel Manga Others
Satoru Mikami
Miho Sawatari
Rimuru Tempest
Veldora Tempest Verudora
Shizue Izawa
Leon Cromwell
Rigurd Rigurdo
Rigur Riguru
Gobta Gobuta
Gelmud Gelmudo
Kaido Kaidou
Dold Dord Doldo, Dorudo
Myrd Mildo Mild
Vester Vesta Bester
Gazel Dwargo Gazelle Dwargo
Rugurd Rugurdo
Regurd Regurdo
Rogurd Rogurdo
Lilina Ririna
Kabal Kaval Cabal
Gido Gid
Elen Eren Elyune, Eryune, Ellen
Ifrit Efreet
Hinata Sakaguchi
Yuuki Kagurazaka
Geld Gerudo
Hakuro Hakurou
Soei Souei
Kurobe Kurobei Kurobee
Gabil Gabiru
Treyni Trainee


Light Novel Manga Others
Direwolf Fanged Wolf
Hobgoblin / Goblina
Tempest Wolf Storm Fanged Wolf
Tempest Starwolf Tempest Star Wolf Storm Star Wolf
Ogre mages Kijin
Orc Lord

Skills & Spells

Light Novel Manga Others
Resist Heat
Resist Piercing Weapon
Resist Melee Attack
Cancel Pain
Resist Cold
Resist Temperature Thermal Fluctuation Resistance
Resist Electricity
Great Sage
Water Pressure Propulsion Hydraulic Propulsion
Magic Sense Magic Perception
Unlimited Imprisonment Infinite Prison
Current Movement Water Current Control
Water Blade
Water Control Water Manipulation
Control Flame Fire Manipulation
Cancel Flame Attack Flame Attack Nullification
Deviant Degenerate Shapeshifter
Intrinsic Skills Species specific skills
Dark Lightning Black Lightning
Icicle Lance
Flare Circle
Replication Body Double Cloning
Flame Transform Fire State
Ranged Barrier Area Barrier Barrier
Dark Flame Black Flame
Cancel Temperature Thermal Fluctuation Nullification
Control Particles Molecular Manipulation
Dark Thunder Black Thunder
Multilayer Barrier Multiple Barrier
Universal Shapeshift
Ogre Flame
Shadow Motion Shadow Movement
Sense Soundwave
Resist Poison Poison Resistance
Ravenous Starved Starving Ones
Control Wind
Deathstorm Death Storm

Locations & Organizations

Light Novel Manga Others
Sealed Cave Cave of the Seal
Forest of Jura Jura Forest
Blumund Brumund Kingdom
Free Guild Freedom Association
Englesia Ingracia Kingdom
Western Holy Church Western Saints Church
The Armed Nation of Dwargon The Armament Nation Dwargon
Lake Sisu Lake Shiss

Notes: The Free Guild was formerly known as the Society of Adventurers. It was renamed after Yuuki built the current system that they use for the Free Guild.


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