Relatively shorter blog this time, as a followup/update to this blog.

After I obtained a copy of Vol 7, I noticed Yen Press added what appears to be arc/volume titles in the table of contents. Took another look at previous volumes, and it seems they all had the same thing (except Vol 1? See this album). The list:

  1. Empowerment(?)
  2. A Disturbance In The Forest
  3. The Demon Lord Invades
  4. Human-Monster Relations
  5. A Demon Lord's Awakening
  6. The Octogram Rising
  7. The Conflict Between Holy And Demonic

These appear to be the 'official translation' of the arc/volume titles. I could update the LN pages, but I wanted to check if there are any differences with other people's copies of the book; e.g. are physical copies similar, or is my copy special?

I originally wanted to write this as a simpler reply to the other blog, but the script locked it, and it seems it doesn't allow exceptions. I could've edited the blog, but after a recent incident, I don't really feel comfortable doing that.

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