This is a monthly blog where we ask users for feedback to further improve the wiki. It also serves as a general update and announcement blog, as well as a place for me to rant/type whatever is in my head.

Wiki updates

Wiki Analytics October

October Analytics


I decided to share the wiki's analytics again, since some people might find it interesting. Page views seem to have dropped since August, which shows how much a new release (episode, manga chapters, etc.) affects the wiki's visitor count.

WN and LN content

One of the more notable updates for the wiki is the decision to separate LN and WN content. This should've been done earlier, but by that point, half of our admins were inactive (afaik, they also happened to be the only admins that actually read the WN).

Regardless, a general guideline on how to handle LN/WN content was made. I posted it on Special:Community, but I'll type it here as well:

  • Prioritize LN content over WN.
  • If there is little/no difference between LN and WN, WN content can be placed in a trivia section or removed entirely.
  • For major differences, it might be a good idea to create a new page for WN-exclusive content. See Rank and Rank (Web Novel) for reference.


I also made some updates to the wiki's messy CSS. There were many unused/redundant/useless codes that have been bothering me for a months, but I've put it off due to procrastination bad experiences with CSS. I finally made the first step with the clean up about a week ago. Didn't notice anything broken, and nobody seems to be reporting anything, so looks like things are going well so far. Assuming life doesn't get too busy, I'll continue the cleanup within the next few weeks, and hopefully finish everything before the end of the year.


A while back I migrated most notice templates to use {{Notice}}. Well, I'm pretty much gonna undo that. But why? I discovered {{Mbox}} and decided it's more efficient and capable. I also think an all-in-one template was a mistake. Like last time, I'll use my bot account to migrate stuff one I'm done updating the templates.

Fandom updates

Fandom announced a number of updates the past two months, a summary of which can be found at This Month at Fandom - August 2019 and September 2019. A notable release is their Best Practices series. This something we might put to use on this wiki. They also recently announced a new platform for Fandom and Gamepedia wikis. Not much has been revealed, but it's something to look forward to in the future.

And done. As usual, feel free voice your thoughts, opinions and remarks in the comments or #wiki-feedback on the Discord server. Next blog in December?

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