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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Wiki
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Wiki


Hello, minna! You have landed on my userpage. I have been on Fandom for more than 5 years, started editing when I was 12, I have grown since then. I love anime, manga and editing wikis.

I am an up and coming programmer, this design template was from Unai-san. I am knowledgeable (have some) in HTML, CSS, C, C++ and Javascript.

In my free time, I learn new programming languages (at the moment learning JS), I watch anime, read manga and webtoons so I am a self-declared otaku.


The wikis listed are the ones I am the most active in, for the full list of wikis that I manage or used to manage, click here
Wikis I manage:

Simple facts about me can be found here.


« •ʚMy Work on the Wiki/To-do listɞ• »

Note: - Done Done means the task has been completed
  • Revamp the main page to attract more users Done Done
  • Make a set of rules and standards for the wiki Done Done
  • Provide the wiki with proper CSS and JS Done Done
  • Delete images with poor filenames and no proper licensing Done Done
  • Delete pages with little or no information (spam pages)Done Done
  • Grammar spelling and check-up in all articles Would Be Considered.png In Progress -
  • Creation of manga chapters Done Done
  • Organizing all character's galleries with proper images. Would Be Considered.png In Progress -
  • Adding interlanguage wiki links to articles Done Done
  • Updating featured articles, latest episodes and countdown timer. Done Done
  • Supplying high quality images to articles without images.Would Be Considered.png In Progress -
  • Addition of proper images to galleries Would Be Considered.png In Progress -