aka Azuru~

  • I live in Otaku Land~
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is a shut-in, and certified game addict
  • I am a disaster magnet
  • Bio I'm just a friendly neighborhood weeb.

    You can call me Azuru, since it's less likely to tie your fingers in a knot at 1 in the morning
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Rimuru Slime AnimeHello, friends. I'm Azuru, a sad excuse for a teenage human being, and I will probably worship anime, manga and video games until the day I die (despite my, uh... questionable mental state, I do intend to grow up, and *gasp* have a life. Probably as an author. I wanna write action novels) Come, in~ don't kill me~ i'm harmless~ (probably). Spill the tea~
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