Unique Skills [特徴能力, Tokuchou Nouryoku] are skills that are said to only be possessed by hero class individuals and Unique or Named monsters.

They are absolutely unique from any other skill. Even if they appear similar or have the same name, each individual's unique skill will have some sort of subtle difference from another individual. However, they can be grouped together as a certain general type of Unique Skill

Unique skills can be combined into other Unique Skills or at least one unique skill can have multiple abilities. For example, Great Sage has thought acceleration included with his other abilities.

Power Level

The power of the Unique skill is directly affected by the strength of the will of the individual possessing it. A powerful Unique skill can rival an Ultimate Skill, even though the power level of an Ultimate skill is generally dramatically higher than that of a Unique skill. Chloe's Infinite Prison and Absolute Severance are both Unique Skills that have the strength of an Ultimate Skill.

Also if an Ultimate Skill is not properly mastered or understood then it can be weaker than it should be and thus weaker than a Unique Skill.

Obtaining a Unique Skill

Obtaining a unique skill seems to be a combination of an intense desire or wish and having the base strength, energy and magic level. The strength of the unique skill that develops will depend on the strong will of the individual.

Known Unique Skills

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