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Ultimate Skill (究極能力(アルティメットスキル) arutimettosukiru) is the evolved form of Unique Skill and the final evolutionary stage of Skills in general.

Ultimate Skill Characteristics

Ultimate skills, as the name implies, gives the wielder ultimate power to control the very laws of nature. The only way to counter an ultimate skill is with another ultimate skill. That is the absolute, unbendable rule of the world.

Skills of this class may not be shared or copied. Only one individual in the universe may own a skill of this class until its current user is either killed or somehow lost the skill in some way.

Ultimate Skills

Rimuru Tempest:

Veldora Tempest:

Luminous Valentine:

Yuuki Kagurazaka:

Chloe Aubert:


  • In the story, the characters pronounce Ultimate Skills using only the being they reference and not the entire names used in the wiki and translations. Meaning, it's "Ultimate Skill Beelzebuth" not "Ultimate Skill Gluttonous King Beelzebuth." This is due to the Japanese texts themselves. (See: Furigana and Ruby Characters)