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You’re all fucking dead!!
Worms? Did you just say worms!? Foolish human!! Kill you. I’ll shatter your very soul!!

Ultima, Chapter 19

"Pain Lord" Ultima"残虐王"(ペインロード) ウルティマ, "Zangyaku Ou"(P e i n R o o d o) Urutima」is one of the Demons summoned by Diablo to serve Rimuru. She was an Arch Demon when summoned, but evolved to Demon Duke after she was named.

She evolved into a Demon King after Rimuru awakened her as a True Demon Lord.

Dispatched to Gabiru's Squad Hiryu as an intelligence officer.


A girl with bluish-purple long hair styled as a ponytail. She wears an innocent smile that hides her true cruel nature until she strikes.


Rimuru thinks the one with the cruelest personality among the three Demon Dukes might be Ultima. When a thief stole an apple, Ultima knocked him for a loop and nearly beat him senseless. However, she was stocked by Carera, who reminded her excessive force was against their master's orders. She does not get along with Carera, who is more obedient to Rimuru's rules and chews her out for going too far.



Rimuru Tempest: Ultima is an extremely loyal subordinate to Rimuru Tempest.

Diablo: Ultima is an extremely loyal subordinate and officer to Diablo.

Carrera: Ultima and Carrera seem to be on friendly terms with each other and seem to get along.

Testarossa: Ultima and Testarossa seem to be on friendly terms with each other and seem to get along.


She gained "Fist Saint" Damrada's skills and strength after absorbing his body and soul with her black tentacles becoming the new Fist Saint.

Ultimate Skill

  • Poisonous Death King Samael

Battle Skills

  • Black Orbs: Abyss Cores

Daily Skills

  • Magic Perception:
  • Memory Extraction:


Empire’s Invasion Arc

  • Ultima & Third Corps vs Eastern Empire's Armored Corps airships: Win

Clash of Dragons and Demons Arc

  • Ultima vs Damrada: Win

Tenma Great War Arc

  • Ultima vs Aria & Olca: Win



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