The Ulgrasia Republic is very different from the nations surrounding the Great Jura Forest. It's not under the influence of the Western Saint's Church, also, this small nation is not a member of the Council. They receive the Divine Protection of Spirit of Wisdom.

While there is no restriction for going in and out of the nation, there are relatively few criminals in that nation. The reason is straightforward. this nation's people are all spirit-based magic users.

In this nation, there are many person liked by the spirits that live here. Therefore, they hold the contract's ceremony when someone reaches the age of 10 years old, if there's a person who is unable to make contract with the spirits, that person will be driven out from the nation when they reach 20. Losing their qualification as citizens. However, because there’re many kinds of spirits, a person that is unable to contract with the spirits are rare.

There are two places to contract a spirit. First is in a place where the citizens conduct their contract that is on an altar in the middle of the city. But this place has a rare chance of a high rank spirit to be summoned. For the user of high rank spirit magic, to conduct spirit summoning contract, it is necessary to go to the Dwelling of the Spirit.


They conduct trade with the Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion.

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