Treyni (トレイニー Toreinii) is a dryad that resides in the Jura Forest.


She is a beautiful woman who appeared to be in her twenties, according to human standards. Her skin was light with well defined facial features. She was stated to be semi-transparent.[1]


Forest Disturbance Arc

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She met one of Souei's clones during his investigation of the orc army and insisted that she meets Rimuru. She made her appearance in a meeting, where she confirmed the presence of an Orc Lord and asked Rimuru to defeat it.

Sometime later, she confronted Laplace and Gelmud and levied "divine justice" against them. She cut off one of Laplace's arms, but they escaped before she could finish them off, leaving her dissatisfied.

After the battle between Rimuru and the Orc Disaster, a conference was held to determine the fate of the orcs. Treyni attended the conference as a representative of the Treants. The Jura Forest Alliance was soon established, and she appointed Rimuru as their leader. Treyni and the Treants offered to provide a food supply for the orcs.

The Demon Lord Attacks Arc

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She appeared with her sisters to witness the duel between Rimuru and Gazel Dwargo.

She later appeared during the battle against Charybdis and aided Rimuru's troops and the Pegasus Knights. After the battle, she questioned how Phobio discovered the location where Charybdis was sealed. The interrogation revealed the Moderate Clown Troupe as one of the factors responsible for the Orc Disaster and Charybdis incidents.

Life in the Royal Capital Arc

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To Be Announced.


She has the ability to manipulate the magic power of nature.

She has a teleportation skill, that looks like Spatial Travel, its invocation is quick.


  • Ramiris: She was always waiting for Ramiris to reincarnate. And was not aware of never think that the Fairy Queen had become one of the Demon Lords, until being informed by Rimuru. She then became her subordinate.
  • Veldora Tempest: Veldora once protected her in the past.[2] She has felt a debt to him ever since.
  • Rimuru Tempest: She holds great respect for Rimuru as she openly supports him as the leader of the new nation of The Jura Forest Alliance.



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