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:This article is about the anime episode titled "Trade with the Animal Kingdom" You may be looking for the manga chapter.

Trade with the Animal Kingdom (獣王国との交易 Jū Ōkoku to no Kōeki) is the twenty-sixth episode of the anime adaptation That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and the second episode of the second season.


The negotiations between Tempest and Eurazania are successful and both countries begin exchanging technologies and establishing trade routes. Some time later, Rimuru pays a visit to Gazel in the Kingdom of Dwargon, unaware that Clayman is preparing another scheme against him and his nation.[1]

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The fight between Shion and Suphia continues where it seems both opponents fight on equal standing, that is until Shion begins to cast a max power Magic Bullet. But before she's able to cast it, Albis' interferes to end the fight. Apparently, it was all a test to gauge the people of Tempest's strength. One last predicament still lingers as Shion's Magic Bullet hasn't been cast and it has grown significantly in size and power. To counteract this, Rimuru devours the spell with his Gluttony skill, which leaves Albis and Youm's group astonished by this.

Once that is all settled with everyone returns to Tempest where a welcoming party for the people of Eurazania is held. The guests enjoy the food served to them and Albis finishes off the Apple Brandy all by herself. Learning that the fruit used for the Apple Brandy is only served to guests due to it's limited nature, Albis proposes that fruit from Eurazania be sent to Tempest. In exchange, Tempest would send plenty of liquor to Eurazania. So to handle the negotiations, the merchant Koby who oversees all merchants in Tempest is summoned. Much to the merchant's dismay, Koby is assigned to be a business mediator between Tempest and Eurazania. From there, Koby negotiates the business transactions with Albis and Suphia, while Rimuru and Shuna leave the merchant to his business and the night ends.

A few days pass and Albis and her group leave. However, a select few delegates stay behind in Tempest to learn the skills and traits used in city. It was also under Phobio's orders that Grucius stay behind in Tempest and join the city guards. Rimuru checks on his former students at the Freedom Academy and a few days after that Youm's group leaves Tempest to further their reputation as Champions. As it so happens, they just missed the return of Benimaru's group whom reports his findings from Eurazania. Right after the meeting is over and Rimuru announces that he'll get ready for his visit to Dwargon, Benimaru requests that Rigur handle further delegations with Eurazania. His reason for it being, he trusts Carrion and that he wishes to stay and protect Tempest from any danger. Rimuru agrees believing that Carrion is a fine leader whom doesn't only rule with strength. Benimaru confirms it while claiming that he picked a fight with him and lost. Hearing this shocks Rimuru and makes him tremble. Then Benimaru confesses that he fought and won against Phobios, leading Rimuru to believe that he shouldn't have let Benimaru out of the country.

The next day, Rimuru along with the Goblin Riders, Shion, Shura, the Dwarves and Ranga pulling his cart, all head to Dwargon. On route to their destination, the group run into Geld and some Orcs as they place tiles on the road. Before Rimuru's group leaves, he gives them beer which delights the Orcs immensely.

Finally arriving at Dwargon, they're greeted by a large group of people as well as Kaidou who fails to recognize Rimuru in his human form. Inside Dwargon they're lead to Gazel's chambers by Dorf.

Meanwhile, Clayman watches a crystal ball that recorded Rimuru's fight against Charybdis. He thanks his agent Mjurran for her hard work and promises to return her heart on one last condition.








Adaptation Notes

This Episode Adapts the Following Material:


  • In the Light Novel and Manga, when Rimuru asks about the Beastmen showing their beast forms in front of others Enrio answers his question. In the anime, Albis answers his question.
  • A scene of Rimuru briefly visiting the Kingdom of Ingrassia eavesdropping on Tiss and the Class S Students was added.
  • Further information to be added.


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