This is the third volume of the spin-off manga The Ways of the Monster Nation.


Now that Framea's journey through the Dungeon is winding down, it's time to count the loot and chronicle every last bit of her adventure. Or it would be if the hot springs weren't calling her name-and she's not one to ignore them! After a hard day of adventuring, an open-air bath is just what she and her companions need. With all these amazing attractions, the guidebook's practically writing itself! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet words are all Framea has...Perhaps Demon Lord Rimuru and his new magic item can be of assistance?


  • Chapter 15: Top-Shelf Sweets ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 16: Sweets Coliseum ☆ 3 Stars!!
  • Chapter 17: Food Judging ☆ 3 Stars!!
  • Chapter 18: Kitchen Tour ☆ 3 Stars!!
  • Chapter 19: Class Visit ☆ 3 Stars!!
  • Chapter Ex: A Date With Shion ☆ 3 Stars...?
  • Chapter GB: Tempest Guidebook (Part 1)



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