This is the second volume of the spin-off manga The Ways of the Monster Nation.


Framea and her party have descended into Tempest's underground labyrinth with the promise of great treasure not far from their minds. However, she's got another job-to write a strategy guide to help would-be adventurers navigate the many dangers of the dungeon!


  • Chapter 8: Explorers' Rest Stop ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 9: Open-Air Bath ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 10: Blacksmith District ☆ Three Stars?
  • Chapter 11: Journey Through the Sky ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 12: Commemorative Photo ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 13: Test of Mettle ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 14: Test of Mettle ☆ 3 Stars!! (Part 2)


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