This is the first volume of the spin-off manga The Ways of the Monster Nation.


With all its innovations, the kingdom of Tempest-founded by the demon lord Rimuru-is a veritable paradise for travelers such as Framea, the rabbitfolk chief's daughter. Framea has always had a nose for adventure, an inquisitive mind, and a knack for discovering and identifying the latest and greatest the world has to offer! Her notepad is open at all times, ready for any three-star delights she may encounter, so when Rimuru himself gives Framea a mission to catalog the area's attractions, she'll have her work cut out for her-and tons of stars to hand out!


  • Chapter 1: Food-Stall Takoyaki ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 2: Kimono Shop ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 3: Blacksmith Shop ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 4: Highway Wagon Trip ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 5: That Light Feeling of Inebriation ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 6: Dungeon Exploration ☆ Three Stars!!
  • Chapter 7: Dungeon Exploration ☆ Three Stars!! (Part 2)


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