The Upheaval Begins is the eleventh chapter of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaptation.

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Kaval's Party learn that Shizue had passed away. They can't believe that Rimuru looks like young Shizue and Rimuru turns back to his slime form. Eren guesses he swallowed Shizue like her ice magic and Rimuru confirms it was the only way to send her away like she wanted. Rimuru tells them that she was happy she met the adventurers and joined them, even though their journey was a bit dangerous. The adventurers then start to argue who's fault it was and how many traps and dangers they encountered.

Kaval tells Rimuru that they will be parting as well as they need to return to the guild and report to the guild master of their investigation. They will need to report about Rimuru, but won't say anything bad about him or the village. Kaval then asks Rimuru to turn to his human form again and as Rimuru turns, the three adventurers bow and thanks Shizue for everything. Rimuru wonders if their equipment is crappy and gives them new armors and weapons. They recognize Kaijin and Garm and are surprised that they are here.

As the adventurers leave, Rimuru heads into his room and turns to human again. In human form, he realizes he can hear and see by his eyes and ears and doesn't need to use magic sensing, but feels a bit narrow. Having no mirror, he figures he can use doppelganger like Irfit and creates a copy of himself. He realizes he indeed looks like Shizue and checks his gender, but realizes he doesn't have one. He believes thats due to being a genderless slime and when he transformed before he also didn't had gender, but haven't noticed. Rimuru noticed that no black mist appeared when he transformed and Great Sage explains that when the volume body is larger than the original body, the missing parts are filled by black mist. He then makes the doppelganger more adult, but as its still genderless, he gives it a more male look. He then tries a more female look, but as it looks too much like Shizue, he finds it a bit too sinful and makes the doppelganger turn to slime.

Rimuru recalls that in the fortune telling, he also saw five children, a man and a woman, but comments there are more important things to look for now, including information on the demon king.

Elsewhere, Gelmud finds a dying orc and decides to give him a name and food. He names him Geld I and that one day he will take Jura Forest and be the Orc Demon King.




  • Mimic: Human
  • Body Double

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