The Storm Dragon, Veldora (Japanese: 暴風竜ヴェルドラ Hepburn: Boufuu Ryuu Verudora) is the first episode of the anime adaptation That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Satoru Mikami, a businessman, is stabbed by a criminal on the street and killed. When he regains consciousness in the darkness, he finds that he's been reincarnated as a Slime! With nothing better to do, he spends his time devouring all the rare herbs and precious ores he comes across. As he does, he encounters the Storm Dragon Veldora, who was sealed in this cave 300 years ago by a hero's "Unlimited Imprisonment" skill. He's frightened at first, but as they talk, he becomes friends with the long-isolated Veldora.[1]


While meeting with his Junior at work Tamura who wishes to introduce him to his new fiancé Miho Sawatari, Satoru Mikami is stabbed in the street by a random man with a knife. While lamenting his last regrets a Mysterious Voice grants him A body that doesn't require blood as well as various abilities like: Predator Great Sage and resistances. When Satoru awakens he discovers that he has been turned into a slime.

With nothing else to do while he comes to terms with his condition Mikami eats Hipokte Grass and collects Magic Ore and eventually, after three months, settles into his Great Sage powers and gains a... odd companion in the form of a voice in his head that explains various things about the things that Mikami comes into contact with. Eventually, Mikami accidentally launches himself into Veldora while learning how to swim.

Veldora teaches the blind slime how to see using magic through which Mikami finally confirms that he indeed has been turned into a slime, as well as learning the identity of his teacher, Veldora the Storm Dragon. Three hundred years ago, Veldora was trapped in the cave using the magic spell Unlimited Imprisonment by a hero, and now he only expects to live for another hundred years before his dwindling magical power finally kills him.

According to Veldora, Mikami is a unique existence in the world: yes there are other people who have been brought to this world, most of them have been summoned against their will and do to various complications die off quickly. Some like Mikami die and get reincarnated but usually, as the same species they were in their past life: a human and of those only Mikami has been reincarnated as a nonhuman, a slime. After some back and forth the Slime and Dragon agree to become friends.






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