The Scheming of Falmuth (謀略のファルムス王国 Bōryaku no Farumusu Ōkoku) is the twenty-eighth episode of the anime adaptation That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and the fourth episode of the second season.


In Tempest, preparations were underway for a banquet before Rimuru's return. But then came Myurran, a demon sent to infiltrate Tempest as a sentinel for Demon Lord Clayman. She accompanies Youm's group as a military advisor, and upon entering Tempest, she is surprised by the power of the country, and deepens her relationship with the inhabitants. At the same time, King Edmaris of the Kingdom of Falmuth, who finds Tempest an eyesore, colludes with the Holy Church of the West and plans to invade Tempest.[1]


Returning to the Freedom Academy, Rimuru announces to his students that they've passed their exam that'll allow them to go up a grade. Sequentially, Rimuru also announces that he'll be stepping down as their teacher and that Tiss will be their new teacher the following semester. Back at Tempest, Youm and his party along with the newest member, Myulan.

Youm and Myulan meet with Benimaru, Shuna, and Shion who are formally introduced to Myulan. Once they're out of the picture, Myulan notes their race as Kijin and the immense strength that they have. Wasting no time, Youm gives Mylan a tour of Tempest. Lead around the city, she analyzes everything and notes how great of a threat the city would be to other nations.

Eventually, the two make it to the training grounds where Hakurou finishes his training with Grucius and the Goblin Riders. Myulan is formally introduced to them and Grucius doesn't believe that Myulan is Youm's best new recruit, but also that she beat Youm too. Therefore, Youm proposes that he have a match against Myulan to prove her fighting capabilities. Grucius agrees to it, and Youm adds that if Grucius loses, he has to become his underling and call him boss for then on out. The match then begins and ends as fast as it began with Grucius being buried shoulder deep into the ground. The fight gives Gobta an idea that they all, including Myulan, challenge Hakurou to a mock battle. Hakurou agrees to the mock battle and even with Myulan's help, they're still handily beaten by their mentor.

That night in the hot spring area, the Gobta, Grucius, and Youm talk about their loss against Hakurou and Youm's new party member Myulan. On the opposite side, Mylan enjoys bathing with Shion and Shuna.

Meanwhile, in the Ingrassia Rimuru's former students enjoy reading the manga provided by Rimuru, while he enjoys a drink with Mjöllmile. They talk business about how great the potion business is going between the Kingdom of Blumund and then how Tempest could one day be invaded. Although, Rimuru doubts that'll ever happen, Mjöllmile stresses that it's a possibility, due to Tempest likely to become a great trade power. One such place to be on the watch for is the Kingdom of Falmuth.

Elsewhere, in the Kingdom of Falmuth, the King of Falmuth Edmaris along with his ministers and Reyhiem an envoy of the Western Holy Church held a conference pertaining to the Tempest Kingdom. In the end, a plan to invade Tempest with the help of Reyhiem's secret weapon.

Later, Razen informs the Kingdom's three Otherworlders Shogo, Kirara, and Kyoya about invading Tempest. Shogo the most upset and vocal about his disdain against this, which is echoed by his comrades, but without his anger. Kyoya internally hopes that this job will help them be free from their restrains by the Kingdom of Falmuth.

Little did Rimuru know, that soon a great tragety would befall his once peaceful and prosperous kingdom.








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