The Orc Lord 「オークロード, Ōku Rōdo」 is the tenth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Rimuru's village enjoys their banquet while he, Rigurdo, Rigur, Gobuta and Kaijin hear about the Ogres' story from their young master, after which he suggests them becoming his subordinates to increase their overall fighting potential. After a night's thought, the young master agrees to it and Rimuru decides to name all of them causing their evolution. Meanwhile, an army of 200,000 Orcs make their way towards the Lizardmen's residence who attempt preparations for backup to fend them off, realizing the enemy leader might be the legendary fearsome monster, the Orc Lord.


A crowd of tense Hobgoblin's have gathered around Rimuru who is taste testing meat skewers that have been prepared for him. After careful consideration Rimuru cheerfully declares the meat "Good!" and is quite happy to have his sense of taste back. While the various Hobgoblins, Dwarfs and Ogre's are enjoying themselves the Ogre's young master has sat down with Rigurdo, Rimuru and Kaijin as he explains what happened.

Several days ago an army of fully armed and armored Orcs attacked the Ogre's village without provocation or warning. Though the three hundred Ogre's living in that village were quite strong the sheer numbers of the enemy soldiers attacking them overwhelmed them, the Ogres there are all that's left of them. One of the last thing's that the Young Master saw before fleeing with as many people as he could was a demon wearing a clown's mask standing over his father's burning corpse.

Since Rimuru's mask looks similar they concluded that they must have been working together, hence their misunderstanding. The most sensible conclusion is that the Orcs have been given new power by a Demon Lord, why they don't know. Rimuru takes the liberty of noting that the Ogres have settled into the village rather nicely which leads him to wonder what the Ogre's plan on doing now.

Naturally, the Young Master's current greatest ambition is to find the leader of the Orcs and kill him along with as many of his subordinates as possible. Realizing that the Young master doesn't have a plan at all, Rimuru instead proposes that they become his subordinates in the mutual interest of fending off the army of Orcs that are wandering around the forest destroying everything in sight.

It is something that the Ogre's need to consider carefully, so the Young Master goes out to think. The next morning the Ogres find their resolve and agree to become Rimuru's subordinates at least until they can hunt down and defeat the Orc's leader. As is customary with his Subordinates, Rimuru names each one of the Ogres.

The Young master is now Benimaru, his younger sister Shuna, the female Ogre is Shion, the elderly Ogre Hakurou, the other male is Souei and finally the Hammer wielding Ogre is Kurobee. Once the process is done however, Rimuru passes out from over using his Magic again and wakes up days later to learn that the Ogres have evolved into Kijin and have since been keeping themselves busy inside of the village.

Hakurou has taken to bullying groups of Hobgoblins and calls it training them, Kurobee has inserted himself into Kaijin's black smith team while Shuna and Shion have taken turns looking after Rimuru's unconscious body. The reason why naming six Ogres took up so much of Rimuru's magic is because naming stronger monsters takes up vastly more magical power than the weak Goblins.

Benimaru and Rimuru begin discussing strategy in dealing with their enemy, after having time to think about it Benimaru wonders if the orcs are connected to another demon known as Gelmud who visited their village offering to name the Ogres claiming to be a lieutenant in the Demon Lord's army. Rimuru recognizes the name Gelmudo as the one who also named Rigur I and wonders if it's a coincidence.

In the mean time the Orc Army is making their way to the Lizardman VIllage near Lake Siss. After determining the enemy out numbers them two to one and that they've already crushed the stronger Ogres the Lizardman Chief concludes that the enemy army is being led by a legendary monster known as a Orc Lord who is said to devour the fear and hesitation of his subordinates making him a natural leader.

Thus the Chief calls his son Gabil and assigns him the task of forming an alliance with the Goblins in the interest of boosting their numbers. Unfortunately, while traveling to the Goblin Village on Overlizards Gabil's subordinates boost the already over confident Gabil by commenting that with the name given to him by a Demon Lord's Lieutenant, Gelmud, it's only fitting that he use this crisis as an opportunity to succeed his father as chief.

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