The One Who Devours All (全てを喰らう者 Subete o Kurau Mono) is the fourteenth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Gelmud arrives and attacks those who foiled his plans, only to have Rimuru fend them off and heal those he injured. He orders Geld to save him, eat others and evolve into an Orc Disaster and a Demon Lord. Remembering the first task he was given after being named, he kills and eats Gelmud as the quickest method to evolve. He and Rimuru battle as the two devour each other, resulting in Rimuru's victory as he appeases the fading guilt-driven Geld into the afterlife.


As Rimuru Tempest and his Kijin stare down the Orc Lord and his subordinates, they are suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Gelmud. The Majin accuses Rimuru and his group of ruining his plans of creating a puppet Demon Lord, when Rimuru realizes Gelmud was the one who named Rigur I, Gabiru admits the Majin named him too.

In response to Gabiru's speaking, Gelmud incapacitates him and his subordinates and orders them to be obediently eaten by the Orc Lord while he rants about how he went through all the trouble of raising up a bunch of strong monsters and creating an Orc Lord, which leads the Kijin to the realization that Gelmud was the one who ordered the attack on their village.

The Orc Lord, on the other hand, seems confused by Gelmud's orders and the Majin admits that he is working for someone else when he rants that he's trying to place the forest under the Orc's control. As Gelmud is about to finish of Gabiru and his subordinates, Rimuru steps in to protect them before giving Gabiru health potions to heal his subordinates.

Angered with Gelmud's actions, Rimuru hog ties him and begins to beat down on him until he's backed into the Orc Lord. The majin demands that the Orc help him. However, it becomes apparent that even the Orc Lord has grown tired of the Majin's voice: as he decapitates and eats Gelmud which triggers his evolution into an Orc Disaster.

Rimuru decides then and there that if he doesn't put down this newly born Demon Lord then it really will turn into a disaster. The Kijin along with Ranga let off the first volley of attacks: Shion and Hakurou working together manage to chop the Orc's head off. Unfortunately, the demonic features he acquired from Gelmud allows him to simply reattach his head.

Souei and Benimaru decide to follow up by trapping the Orc Disaster in a Steel Thread Cocoon and blast him with Hell Flare followed up with Ranga hitting him with Black Lightning. The Orc Disaster not only survives the attacks but also eats one of his subordinates to recover, which puts them at square one.

In order to defeat the Orc Lord, Rimuru deploys his trump card: ordering Great Sage to take control of his body and use it and all of his abilities to their full potential to defeat the Orc Lord. Great sage dodges the Orc Disaster's attacks and chops his arm off using a Black Flame cloaked sword, preventing the wound from regenerating thanks to the lingering flame before destroying the Orc's weapon.

In response to these developments, the Orc Disaster rips off his still burning stump and fires off Gelmud's magic at Rimuru. Great Sage predates the Orc Disaster's magic before the Orc Disaster closes the distance and grabs Rimuru. While still under Great Sage's control, Rimuru fires off his Flare Circle ability that he gained from eating Ifrit, but much to the dismay of Great Sage, the Orc Disaster has now gained Fire Resistance, meaning the attack has no effect. Rimuru doesn't seem too shocked by this revelation as it seems that Fire Resistance is a common skill among high-ranking monsters. Great Sage attempts to conceive a new attack plan but is cut short by Rimuru who retakes control of his body and, seeing as how the Orc Lord is trying to eat him, engages in a clash of skill against the Orc countering his Starved with his own Predator.

Accidentally entering the Orc's memories, Rimuru witnesses the dread of the Orc Disaster. The Orc's lands are dry and barren, they can't get any food and they are starving to death. The Orc King has resorted to tearing off of his own flesh just so that he can feed his people's children while he laments that their offspring are dying one by one. He informs his Adjutant that he intends to look for food in the Great Jura Forest, but on his way, he collapses.

Enter Gelmud who offers the Orc King food and a name, Geld. Geld, the Orc Disaster, explains that he knew all along that Gelmud had no good intentions for his people, but for him, Gelmud's scheme was a ray of hope in their darkest hour. The Orc Disaster knows that without someone to lead them his people are doomed, so he fully intends to eat Rimuru. Rimuru, however, counters that he will eat Geld, all of him, his sins, and those of his people.

Saying that, the broken mind of the Orc Disaster returns to being whole as Rimuru changes the barren landscape of his home into the lush Forest of Jura. Before Geld disappears into Rimuru's stockpile of souls he thanks the Greedy Slime. In the real world, the Orc Disaster has been eaten by Rimuru who simply asks that Geld rests in peace. Without their leader or the effects of Starving ones, the Orcs have been stopped. As per their deal, the Kijin are free to go if they so choose, though they instead request to stay and pledge their loyalty to Rimuru.







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