The Octagram Soars Brightly (八星輝翔編 hachiboshi teruho-hen) is the sixth volume of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Light Novel.



Newly minted demon lord Rimuru has received word of a special assembly of all ten demon lords known as the Walpurgis Council. It just so happens that the topic of this particular meeting is how best to punish Rimuru for assuming his new title without their permission.

Fortunately, he's got friends in high places who are willing to vouch for his authenticity, and this council could be the perfect opportunity to get revenge on the demon lord Clayman for the violence he brought to Tempest. Is this blobby big shot cunning enough to kill two birds with one stone?


  • Prologue: The Magic-Born's Ruse
  • Chapter 1: Between Monster and Man
  • Chapter 2: Word from Ramiris
  • Chapter 3: The Eve of Battle
  • Interlude: The Demon Lords
  • Chapter 4: In the Land of Destiny
  • Chapter 5: Walpurgis
  • Chapter 6: The Octagram
  • Epilogue: In the Holy Land


Prologue: The Magic-Born's Ruse

The prologue begins with Laplace recounting the results of his espionage against the Western Holy Church to a mysterious man. A woman joins them who turns out to be the former Demon Lord Kazaream.

Laplace reports that he wasn't able to find out much about the church. When he tried to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the Church, he was stopped by a vampire who the group speculates was Demon Lord Valentine. They are a bit confused by this revelation as it is odd that a monster would be at the inner sanctum of a church dedicated to eradicating monsters. Their only conclusion is that Demon Lord Valentine must be secretly posing as the Pope of the Church.

The group then turns to the results of Clayman's schemes. In short, he's failed miserably. They had hoped that Hinata would have defeated Rimuru however, the latter escaped. Furthermore, the group had hoped to use the war between Falmus and Tempest to collect human souls so that Clayman could awaken as a True Demon Lord. However, this failed when Rimuru single-handedly defeated the 20,000 men strong Falmus army.

Laplace wonders if Rimuru harvested the souls to awaken as a True Demon Lord but the others in the group decide that it would be impossible. The group then drafts new plans going forward. For now, Clayman will go on standby. Also, they hope that the Church will act against Tempest in order to eradicate the growing monster threat. Finally, they plan to use the Walpurgis Banquet as an opportunity to attempt to spy on the Western Church again as Demon Lord Valentin should be attending the Banquet.

Chapter 1: Between Monster and Man

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