The March to War is the twentieth chapter of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaptation.


Rimuru and his group marches out. Meanwhile, the orcs continue to eat their own and manages to eat a lizardman. Suddenly, they start to move more agile and cut out the escape route for Gabiru's forces, who is then surprised to see the orcs now have flippers just like the lizardmen. An stronger orcs in black armor appear and Gabiru feels the Orc Lord is one of them and wants a one-on-one fight. However the orc explains he is just an Orc General and the Orc Lord is much more powerful, but he accepts his fight challenge. Meanwhile, the lizardmen ruler realizes he was warned about Gabiru and that he should have been more clear how fearsome the Orc Lord is. An orc then attacks them and the ruler decides to fight him, while gives his daughter a special order and lets her escape.

Rimuru's is getting closer to the lizardmen tribes and decides to take a break. Rimuru had brought the oni, Ranga and a hundred pairs of goblin raiders, but doesn't intend they to fight and instead wants them to make an opening so that he can fight the Orc Lord. Souei scouts around and sees the lizardmen's ruler daughter fighting a higher orc and 50 other orcs. Rimuru tells him to save her as he wants to talk with her. The higher orc defeats the lizardman easily and prepares to kill her, but Souei jumps in and easily defeats the orc. Rimuru comes and gives healing medicine to the lizardman. Souei had left the orc alive as Rimuru may need to question him. The orc still intends to fight, but Shion shows up and kills him taking the questioning chance away from Rimuru. The lizardmen tries to warn them that there are 50 more orcs nearby, but Benimaru and Hakurou had already taken care of them. Recalling what her father order to find Souei and explain the situation, the lizardman asks Rimuru to save her brother and father as her brother had taken the ruling power. As he looked down on the Orc Lord, he will be defeated and the lizardmen will be destroyed. Shion is impressed that the lizardman had felt the Rimuru's power and states the lizardmen will be saved, even before Rimuru had agreed to do so. Having no choice, Rimuru agrees and wants Souei to use shadow step to reach the ruler.


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